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MotoGP 15™ Modding Questions.

Discussion in 'MotoGP 15 Mods' started by Technique, Jun 25, 2015.

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  2. pls make the helmetview like it was in moto gp13 and 14...
    in moto gp15 it is way tooooooo... low !!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. rkh


    Actually, it is correct finally. Was always too high before. Surely, someone will tweak it for those who need that, but I am finally happy with that view.
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  4. Best modders out there,

    I have a question regarding a possible mod that can be realized for this game in the future.

    High revs; normally when a MotoGp bike launch of the starting line you hear the revs at a steady rate after they've released the clutch, they had this in the MotoGP games for Namco and CLIMAX, brilliantly done and of course realistic, yet in this game when all the bikes launch of the grid- you hear and see the revs drop to an all time low and than gradually building up speed...that's not what you should expect of a game of this day and age...very amateurish. Question: Is it possible to mod the revs to such an extend that you will have the same launch effect as you would have in reality? (Please see video below for an example [notice the revs when Rossi launches of the starting grid])
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  5. I've got a few questions too.
    I started the game and found it way too easy to play. Even on pro physics, no bike set up, no training and without using rear brake I easily won first career race in Brno on simulation with 30 seconds advantage in 5 laps! It was raining if it's important.

    In MotoGP 13 diffilty was changing from track to track (it was easy too, but not that much), so I belive it's not the same on every track and class. I tried MotoGP race and it was easy too. :(

    So questions:
    1. Is it possible to change AI speed on track? Could I do it for every track and class?
    2. If "yes" could I change the way AI driving? Make them faster in corners but earlier on brakes for example?
    3. How could i do it? What programms should I use? I've never tried modding before, I just understand there is no chance Milestone would ever do it themself.
    4. Could I change qualify times? I belive it's broken again (as always). Could I change it by sectors?

    I know it will take A LOT of testing, many hours on every track, but I'm ok with that (I've spent more than 200 hr in MotoGP 13).

    Thank you for your answers. It's very important for me, 'cause I'm a big fan of moto racing and I want to have a possibility of playing an interesting challenging game. And now I don't know if I should keep that game or make a refund because it's not interesting at all.
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  6. rkh


    As you surely have seen I have released several A.I. updates for 14 version. Unfortunately, MotoGP difficulty is as high as it can get when simulation is selected. Already explored that and it is set to 1...0. I'm trying to see if 1...0.0.1 will change anything in a few hours. Moto3 is far too easy and I am looking into it. Looks to be all separated this time which should allow to adjust a.I. separately. As usual I am adjusting riders skills to match real life as closely as possible. Bastiannini is way too slow right now and several others need adjusting as well in all classes. The terrain file is better this time and Moto2 physics are the best out of the box. MotoGP as usual needs brake adjustment etc etc. All that is in the works...I am working on all physics aspects with Jan. And as usual searching the forums before helps.
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  7. Yes I saw your posts but still can't understand if it's possible to make the game more difficlt or not. And I don't know what "1...0" and "1...0.0.1" means... :(
  8. rkh


    we are working on everything :ninja: and the game just came out. it takes time to carefully examine what we are actually dealing with, and gotta make sure mixfile remixer program will work, etc. etc. :rolleyes: and the hex code, and what it means can also be found plenty times over in the forums for MotoGP 14.
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  9. you are kidding, right ???

    pls have a look
    drivers eyes are way below windshield, in moto gp15 we are riding while standing not nearly sitting on bike!!!
    so that completly destroys the helmetview imersion...
  10. @

    No, I'm afraid that's not possible, but I will have a look into it.

    About IA, yes, is too easy, and the difficulty is already maximum, though that's not the file w need to modify. I have some ideas and will look into them later.
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  11. Thank you very much for this, I haven't raced much in MotoGP or in Moto2, but Moto3 is very unrealistic, some drivers are too slow/fast, and the worst thing (to me) is that there isn't a big group of driver battling for the victory, in the game is always a Kent/Oliveira thing.
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  12. jajo that can be fixed, I have already tweaked rider's performance (Fenati, Bastianini, and other as fast as Kent) and we can also tweak rider's perf. to create a huge group fighting. The problem is that I can't find all the riders, only about 10 2015 moto 3 riders, which is strange
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  13. I'd really like to help you, but unfortunately i know absolutely nothing about modding in MotoGP series, as i played both 13 and 14 on PS3 :redface:.
  14. Is it possible to import own Teamlogos in team creator?
  15. realitychecked


    Surely you can. Might be in GFX.MIX or GFXPAK.MIX
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  16. And how to open .MIX datas?
  17. Found it already Thanks a lot :D
  18. Hi !
    Is there any one else finding that the XLite helmets color schemes are horrible ?
    I do not have the time and the knowledge to change it... if someone here is able to do that , I would be very obliged if he would look into this.

    Replacing XLite Helmets by those already used by AI players in game or anything else with some RedBull/Monster sponsors...

    Many thanks in advance for your assistance :)
  19. rkh


    just use the 2014 helmet mod, dude
  20. You would'nt be able to tell me which files and values i change to do that sort of thing could you? I wouldn't mind making a couple a personal changes to the running order.