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Skins McLaren 1988 Team 1.4

team package

  1. lesleyyb submitted a new resource:

    mclaren 1988 team package - team package

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  2. Nice, you filled up the rear wing and the front part! Downloading, I'm curious how you red-filled the rear-view mirrors :) I've spent quite a bit trying to fill that annoying red areas on the livery but the mirroring thing is really really annoying. So, good job!
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2013
  3. first, thx for releasing your mod. nice work! But it seems that the pit crew have still yellow camel jerseys :O_o:

    maybe a little mistake ?
  4. going to look at that again. is it when driving the mclaren or another car?
  5. if I was drive the McLaren. So it a small bug :rolleyes: thank you for the fix! :thumbsup:

    But it occurs to me that in your mod are still some useless gamefiles... fore example the c02 folder in cars?

    And again, very very nice mod with a lot of work!
  6. the c02 file is not useless, that file is there otherwise the williams of rosberg would still say prost ;)
  7. I thought that change was a database issue. :D
  8. too, in standings it has to say rosberg, but the driver's name on the car has to say rosberg too xD
  9. Thank you for this awesome mode! I'm a huge fan ob McLaren and Senna!
  10. you're welcome
  11. awesome mod.i always want to play with mclaren
  12. glad you like it:)
  13. Absolutely brilliant, what would the 80's be without Senna and Prost at McLaren? Thankyou so much. Loved watching those two lock horns in their McLaren days!
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2013
  14. what the game would be without this couple? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
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  15. anyone interested in also a 1989 version? with #1 & #2 on the car, senna as first driver and no more that you have 2 teams with the same numbers (lotus and mclaren)
  16. Awesome mod ;) but i still got the camel pit crew and at the end of the race the overall is yellow to
  17. i thought that was fixed after the update. you sure you copied the character files? otherwise its a bug
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2013
  18. Ok now it works perfect, i made some mistake^^ thx for that and again pretty damn awesome
  19. why not :thumbsup: