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Is the RACE On expansion overpriced?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Craig Stevenson, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Do you think the Race-On Expansion is overpriced at £18?
  2. For me it is. For others perhaps not. It depends on how much of the content actually interests you
  3. Considering I just want the Formula Masters series...yes, definitely.
  4. It has more content than the previous addons, so I think it's not overpriced. I can't buy it though:(
  5. I think it's a bit pricy ... but I bought it anyway :p
  6. I think it is a little bit on the high end but anyway purchased it.
  7. I think the price would be ok if the Bundle would be more expensive.
    The difference between the expansion and the bundle is to small.
    Expansion: 24,99 Euro
    Bundle: 29,99 Euro
  8. It idd depends on how much you're interested in the content.
    I never bought GTR evolution cause there wasn't a single car I was interested in, also the green hell was way to difficult / long for me so I let it pass.

    But I'm very interested in this one:
    I don't have stcc yet,
    The FM seems great to drive
    The circuits are ok (too bad Spa isn't included)

    So I think it's definitely worth it's money!
  9. I was about to make a topic is race-on worth the money.

    The thing is i have all the other games race07/evo/stcc is race on really that good? as i dont want to spend £18 and for it to be a waist of money

  10. Hmm Well I think it's over priced, I've had all the Simbin racing titles and this one well.. I won't get my moneys worth from it, But then I might be wrong @ a later date.. Finding all the Simbin fanboy Kiss *** stuff a little much. how about letting everybody have a view and not put down the views of others!

    I understand some will think it's great and I respect there take on it. Hell it's helping me like it that bit more by taking the time to see what others was finding so great...

    Each to there own and all that.. different strokes for different folks.
    Please don't flame me, I love my racing /racing sims, hehe :)
  11. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Way cheaper than any other game like Shift etc. I think the whole "OH no I have bought STCC twice what a joke!" thing is a bit OTT. Its only £5 most people spend that on cigarettes or food a day. Just dont eat or smoke for a day and there you have it :wink:
  12. Race On isn't expensive... its rather cheap.

    Consider that for the same price you would only get a car and a track in iRacing - starts to look a lot cheaper then.
  13. Having purchased the full Race On game (inc Race 07 & STCC) on Steam on Friday for £21.99, I find it to be extremely good value for money. Adding GTR Evo for another £13.99 took my total purchase to £35.98. I find this to be an amazing deal for a top quality game(s).

    On the other hand, I do think that a better price point for Race On would have been the same as GTR Evo/STCC are on Steam. Which I guess will happen once Race On has been avaliable for a while.
  14. £18 on Steam, right? That's not really overpriced at all. It's only €19/€20 going by today's rates. But Steam just has to boost the price to €25 (and that's standalone). Blasphemy.
  15. Hmm?!
    Shift was €28
    Race On €25
  16. I don't know where you get Shift for 28 €.
    In my steam store I would pay 49,99 €.

    So I have to say Race on is really cheap compared to other games.
    I also don't think 24,99 € for the expansion pack is to much.
    But how can they sell the bundle for only 29,99€ ?
    The difference between the Bundle and the expansion pack is the only thing I don't like. But anyway I will buy the expansion pack.
  17. http://www.cdwow.nl/games/PC/NEED-FOR-SPEED-SHIFT/dp/pc/9839115#bc=36c0
  18. http://www.gamesplanet.com/UK/pc-games/buy-download-Need-for-Speed-Shift-1525-15.html

    here you can download it and play right away. Cost about €33,-