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Cars Honda NSX version 1

honda nsx

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    Honda NSX - honda nsx

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  2. the physics are not like a NSX, but ok, if you want spot on physics for it, i have them allready from a forza model rip, we worked a lot on it, looks damn good tho :) congrats

    Scratch the stuff before... i was driving the normal NSX, the R is amazing, spot on, exactly like we did it :) amazing stuff
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  3. is this as good as niels' mod?
  4. I drove the stock NSX....and it is far better than the RF2 version{but RF2 Corvette is excellent}.
  5. As much as I like the mod, i think the 1990 NSX handling was a bit odd. It feels very difficult to turn at least for me.NSXR is a lot better but I kinda expected NSX to be more agile and a bit tail happy in some ways.Unfortunately, the car feels very "dead" to me with little weight transfers and suspension, especially the 1990 version.

    Thanks a lot for such an amazing mod. Even though its Beta, i think its a pretty damn good mod.
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  6. At first, I felt like the 90 version was a little "safe" and boring. But then I spent some time in the 90 S1, and it quickly became the best experience I have had in AC. I could lap for days at Nordschleife or Lake Louise. It's balanced, poised, and predictable when needed and can be an absolute hooligan with loads of throttle induced oversteer when you want. The power output from the motor is so smooth and linear, it's a joy in every turn. There are no dead spots like the F40. I would praise it more, but I would rather go drive it more now.
  7. If you could add semislick or even slick tyres option it would be great.
  8. Yeah the option to change tyres would be great.

    Found a weird bug. Smoke will make the body semi-transparent. If you do donouts you'll see it very clearly. The driver and seat becoms visible thrue the bodywork. Haven't noticed that on any other car (tried the F40 to be sure it wasn't my graphics card or somthing). Using a GTX660. Stuff like FXAA, AA transparency etc is disabled/set as stock.
  9. Sacrilege.
  10. im not sure why but when i downlaoded the file. it says the file is missing "engine int content from sfx". can anyone help?
  11. Mod is crashing on load....maybe it needs a small update for latest AC version?
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  12. Hi, yes it does, the aero.ini has to be edited. Apart from that I don't have any engine sound, either.
  13. i would love to see this car get a proper update...see no reason the AC engine can't do it justice.
  14. AC version was a better drive than the rf2 version which had ffb deadzones.
  15. Is there any chance that you make it conpatible with newest ac version?
  16. Flammenjc

    Nitor Velox Gaming Premium

    The best mod for AC, IMO
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  17. Is this ever going to be updated to work with newer versions of AC? I really love this mod!
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  18. I got this Crash too.. what can we do to fix it:????
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  19. Very nice model! By the way, proper aspect ratio for mirrors is 4:1 (also, I think, GRAPHIC_OFFSET should be lower about 2-3 cm). I can tell you some other suggestions if you're interested. :)

    UPD: And physics is awesome too! And also, here are Kunos-styled previews.
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