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Tracks Hockenheim Istanbul Valencia [Deleted]

Discussion in 'F1 2013 Mods' started by miver, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. ok
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  2. Oh and works with classics too.
  3. Replaces any 2013 track?¿
  4. Nice, but if you can fix the breaking assist bug would be awesome.
    (I always play with assist and in this circuits I can't
  5. I made time trial start more correct (always on the track) for the mod v1.0.
    Can anybody help and make tracks textures lighter for all 3 tracks like this one in the original 2013 tracks?
  6. Does this mod add the tracks to the game or does it replace other tracks?
  7. Add, not replace anything.
  8. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium Member

    Can i still play online? (These tracks wont be playable, but can i play the other tracks still online?)
  9. There are some changes in database.bin... And I used database.bin with chenges for reduced tiers wear and real tier types for Brasil and Texas. Try this, may be on-line working. And post plz results here.
    By the way, databese.bin chenges only for my mod - 3 lines in track_model table (Hock.., Valen.., Istan..) and it must be absolutly siparate frome the original F12013 and its good for on-line ability.
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  10. Okay thanks, I've given it a go and noticed that I get penalties for not doing anything wrong and because of the shear number of penalties I get in even a 3 lap race I'm yet to make it to the end, I hope you can fix this because otherwise this is a great mod :thumbsup:
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  11. Some times (not often), if U off the track, game think that U are far away, thats why penalties. But if U do not lost contact with the track road - all OK. It is impossible to correct this, sorry. During a lot of 3 lap races I was disqualified only one time when I cut a way twice...
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  13. how do i install it?
  14. Patch for v1.0 - new nice tracks surface
    copy with replace
  15. Jjajaja i don´t know 0.9 may be ^^
  16. This is a very nice Mod keep updating it so there are no bugs with it. Propably u can do the same with other Tracks, like the old France track... :D overall its a nice idea.
  17. There is a new bug on the Instanbul Track. When you the Race is restartet in at least the 2 lap ( not the 1 ) all cars go back to the ideal line and crash. If u survive these crashes you will fall under the map. (pls fix this) good luck. :D
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