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Hamilton on Top Gear today

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Hampus Andersson, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. He´s out for Vettel´s time apparently :)

    Nobody knows his time yet but judging by this tweet he might have done well.




    1. 1:42.9 - Lewis Hamilton
    2. 1:44.0 - Sebastian Vettel
    3. 1:44.3 - Rubens Barrichello
    4. 1:44.4 - Ben Collins (old stig)
    5. 1:44.6 - Nigel Mansell
    6. 1:44.7 - Lewis Hamilton (wet and oily)
    7. 1:44.7 - Jenson Button (hot)
    8. 1:44.9 - Jenson Button (falling snow)
    9. 1:46.1 - Kimi Räikkönen
    10. 1:46.3 - Damon Hill
    11. 1:47.1 - Mark Webber (extremely wet)
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  2. If I can remember correctly, his laptime was just over a second quicker than Vettel's. A 1.42.9 I think.
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  3. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i think he had lots and lots of practise at this. i think i saw a video a few months back and i thought it was linked to his first attempt. however, he did this time months ago - so that fits.
    slightly unfair but as a hamilton fan, please he found a way to do it and shows how determined he is. doubt jenson would come back to beat it.
  4. It's not like the car and the track are difficult is it ? Also, his previous attempt was in the wet.

    They all get quite a few laps there to test, and for a F1 driver I don't think it takes long to get a low-powered FWD econobox properly around a simple airport track...
  5. Order has been restored :)

    Should be said they all take it very seriously, Vettel even asked if he could change the tire pressures on the car.
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  6. ahh...that's about the only way this fella can get close to Vettel....he needs a British show and a second try.

    not to worry though..LH will get to see plenty of him this year...in the paddocks:)
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  7. From one point of view it isn't surprising to see Lewis being this fast but from an other point of view I wouldn't be surprised if all the drivers managed to improve their lap times and be very close to Lewis if they were given a second chance.
  8. See:
  9. At least from now on we will probably see the F1 drivers demanding that they do their laps in the dry.
    Hopefully Vettel gets to come back and we´ll see if he manages to beat Hamilton in equal conditions and an equal car.

    For those who did not watch the show, when Barrichello did his time, he made T-shirts for all the other F1 drivers who had set a lap.
    On his shirt it said "I beat Stig" on all the other guys shirts it said "Stig beat me" :D
  10. JB has been on twice?
  11. Although LH was eager to have another go, after his first attempt Clarkson et al were amazed at his speed on a wet oily track, and were curious to see how he would do in the dry.
  12. What do you want me to see.....???
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  13. i cant stop laughing how this poor sod had to go for a second time on this show,just so he can beat SV's time...its so funny its pitiful

    check out the big smile he's got on,he's so happy :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
  14. Well, I wonder what Raikkonen can do on a dry track..
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  15. lol we all know you are crying deep inside Ivan.
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  16. not to mention the king, NANDO :)
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  17. you're right..in about 26 days i'll be crying even more:)
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  18. Could be 1:42.0 or some thing