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Gran Turismo 5 Car Setups

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Bram, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    In this thread you can voice your requests for setups. RaceDepartment will of course provide the community with a wide variety of high quality setups for Gran Turismo 5.

    Setups for sim racers by sim racers :thumb:
  2. I request someone can make a setup that will fix the modern Lamborghini's and MR cars, so that they are actually realistically drivable without driving aids, i've always been useless at setups myself sadly. So requests!

    Lamborghini Murcielago (4wd car that drives like an MR drift machine)
    Bmw M3 Coupe (FR and wants to drift 24/7)
  3. Setup for the Clio V6

    Setup for the Clio V6 - What's the best?
  4. set up for skyline r32 please help god its 600bhp plus lol
  5. set up for Mazda éfini RX-7 Type R (FD) ‘91. Nice car with wild rear end that needs taming.
  6. Can anyone help me with a set-up for IA-10 please. I can only get as high as 9th place on it and the car is extremely loose. I've tried every kind of setup I can throw at this car and all I can get is 9th.

    Thank You

    EDIT: Just a small note. I even tried to do what the example video shows before I tried this licence, and its a no go. My car just wont do what it shows in the example video.
  7. The nascar series of races for b-spec would be well recieved
  8. Expect you have done this by now. As question asked 2 weeks ago.
    I struggled with this also, but managed to get a cup (all that was needed or me) by turning ON stabilty and skid recovery. Plus putting TCS to 1/ ABS to 1 . Which made the lambo much more controllable(surprisingly).
    Hardest part is turn 1. Take it easy at turn 1 and blitz them the rest of the track.
  9. Please help with any other setups too
  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    If someone can create a new sheet / template in a text format i can hammer it in the forum as a preprinted stencil for setups. Any suggestions are welcome :_
  11. anyone have good setups for det seasonal events strugggling to get in to first place
  12. Hello.

    To see if any player PRO postea some guidance on configuration setup, or what each section of each set-up.

  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Still havent even touched the setups in GT5 yet. Will come later for sure :)
  14. My setting for Daytona Super-speedway (it may work for Indy Super Speedway):
    Front / Rear
    Minimum / Minimum

    Max Speed: 400 km/h (249 mph) (for race, you may want a higher setting, like 420/440 km/h DUE AERODYNAMIC BOOST)​


    -10mm / -10 mm
    18 / 18.1
    Damper (extension)
    Damper (Compression)
    Anti-Roll Bars
    Wheel Alignment (Front / Back)
    Camber Angle
    +3° / +2°
    Toe Angle
    -0.15 / 0.2

    My best Time in Daytona Super Speedway with this setting, at free run mode was 38.5s with soft racing tires.

    Didn't touched the LSD. for the Formula GT car.
  15. I bought the 908 and tuned to >800 bhp. This thing is not drivable. Anybody have a good set up for it? I was able to tune the Raybrig NSX in one try which is a vehicle of the same configuration: MR. I can't get it to stop. I can't get it to turn. I can't get it to grip. I'd like to have this car so that it is easy to drive. I figure I spent a lot of credits on it. I'd like to use it to get those credits back at least. I would appreciate suspension settings, LSD settings, and brake bias settings, also downforce. Anything that will make this car drivable.
  16. I've been messing around and came up with this. You'll have to change gearing(top speed)
    for races during GT championship. here you go.

    down force
    F 70
    R 90
    top speed 242
    5/5 10/10 for bumpy
    spring rate 17.4/17.5
    dampers E 8/8
    dampers C 6/6
    roll bars 7/7
    camber angle F 2.0 R 1.0
    Toe angle F 0.00 R -0.20
    Brake balance 4/1
    traction control 1
    abs 1

    \ mph's for GT champ..

    Race 1 Fuji Speedway: 242
    Race 2 Road Course - Indy: 236
    Race 3 Cote d'Azur: 205 Remember to change after this race.
    Race 4 Nurburgring GP/F: 223
    Race 5 Monza: 236
    Race 6 Suzuka: 236

    hope this helps
  17. I know alot of people are having trouble with this series, especially the Grand Valley and Daytona Races!

    When I first tried this series, I hadn't changed many settings, just the downforce & max speed really and Bob was more than useless! coming 4th, 12th, 1st, 1st, 9th, placing him 2nd over all in the series!
    Needless to say, not happy with that, I started playing with more setting and came up with the following settings. Now Bob drives the NASCAR like a seasoned vet and absolutely Walked the Races! Most notably the previously impossable, tyre shredding Grand Valley by just over 16 seconds and still with just under half his tyres left!!

    F: 30 R: 55 (For Oval Tracks)
    F: 50 R: 70 (For Twisty Tracks)

    Initial: 20
    Acc: 55
    Braking: 25

    Ride Height - F: 0 - R: -10
    Springs - F: 18.4 - R: 16.5
    Dampers (Ext) - F & R: 8
    Dampers (Comp) - F & R: 6
    Anti Roll Bars - F & R: 4
    Camber - F: 1.0 - R: 0.9
    Toe - F & R - 0.0

    F: 6 R: 5


    Race 1: Indy @ 230mph.

    Race 2: Grand Valley @ 199mph

    Race 3: High Speed Ring @205mph

    Race 4: Laguna Seca @ 168mph

    Race 5: Daytona @ 230mph

    Obviously, you still have to babysit him and give him the right commands at the right time, but this makes it so much easier.

    A Tip for saving your tyres on Grand Valley, Get Bob into first place as quickly as possible while your tyres are at their best, then once in first, Cool Him Down!! I found keeping him between a quarter and half way into Hot (Red) worked perfectly (On the long straight you can hit Increase Pace but remember to bring him back down before the end!), he was no longer trying to be Drift King and actually took every turn like he was in a normal racing car which actually made him faster in the turns that the rest of the pack, enabling him to still pull ahead even though he wasn't running at his Hottest.

    Anyay, hope this helps anyone stuck on these Races.
  18. A notoriously tricky car to tame in GT5, here's my base layer setup for the NSX that gives a neutral balance on corner entry and exit. You can induce some manageable oversteer on corner exit if required with throttle control.

    I've been racing the car in the racedepartment Japanese Sports car Club events, so it's "upgrades" have been picked to meet those regulations. However, you could use this setup with any non upgraded or highly upgraded car while you find your feet with it.

    Power: 380bhp
    Weight: 1270kg
    Tyres: I've tested with Sports Medium up to Racing Hard.

    No spoiler or wing upgrades.
    Sports ECU
    Racing Exhaust, Upgraded Manifold, upgraded catalytic
    Intake, Upgraded, with racing filter
    Double clutch plates, Sports flywheel, LSD

    LSD (rear only) = Initial Torque 20, Acceleration 33, Braking 38
    Ride Height = Front -16, Rear -16
    Spring rate = Front 9.8, Rear 12.8
    Damper extension = Front 8, Rear 8
    Damper compression = Front 7, Rear 6
    Anti-Roll bar = Front 4, Rear 4
    Camber = Front 2.2, Rear 1.8
    Toe = Front -0.14, Rear 0.06

    For a more edgy race setup for those extra 10'ths (when you're used to the car), try dropping the ride height to -20 front and rear, and increase spring rate by 3.0 front and rear. Racing Hard tyres maybe a minimum here.

    If you try the above, let me know what you think and what else you've done. Thanks :)
  19. Excellent Matt! I need to try these!