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Frame Rate

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Rick Klomp, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. hi how can i see what frame rate i have wanna know how good i can get it whit my nvidia 7900 gs
  2. I thought it was something with Ctrl+H or Ctrl+F... do not know for sure.
    Not @ home at the moment. ;)
  3. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    In Race07 there is no key for it... Start Fraps in the background and see your FPS.

    For GTR2/rFactor its CTRL+F
  4. but,my 8800GTS 640mb,
    if full car,the Frame always stay in 18 fps :(
    can not made good movie,:(
  5. mmm Set fraps manual and then 60 FPS or higher
    Try it out and let us know :)
  6. Talking about a FPS boost...dumped this file in Race07, got a very nice FPS boost, seems to run stable too !!

    RaceSimCentral Forums - View Single Post - 8800GTX Low Perfomance

    Using at your own risk, backup things first :)

    If you have a nVidia card like me, give it a try.

    Best thing, also gives me a boost in GTR2 and GT legends !!!!

    Hansje van Hees :thumb:
  7. Did anyone gave it a try already ????

    Still working great for me :thumb:

    If you do post your findings, use FRAPS to see your FPS in Race07.

    Nice day all !!

    Hans :wink:
  8. Going to try this tonight, just put the dll in my Race07 folder?

    I dont have to overwrite anything?
  9. Yes, second question...NO :D

    Just put it in your Race07 folder.
    Problems let me know, if so you can try some other DLL's I know.
    Use FRAPS to see if you get better FPS !!

  10. Very nice this got me a fps boost of 15 /20 fps.

    Tested on Oscher07.
  11. I get 5FPS extra in GT legends...a lot more in GTR2 and Race07
    With rFactor my FPS goes from 63 to 180 :D

    Told you..this is a miracle DLL :p

    Do you have nVidia ??

    Hans :thumb:
  12. this looks like its worth a good look at! :D
  13. Maybe i will try this too.
  14. You get a lot of extra FPS...without buying expensive hardware :p

    Let me know your results guys, good luck :)

    Hansje van Hees
  15. I am using the VB + TEX dll now with Race07 :thumb:

    See last link I gave !! ..give it a go, with a nVidia card its worth a try.

    Hansje van Hees :wink:
  16. Hans is it worth trying it with this graphics cards nVidia 7800GT Graphics card
  17. Sure no problem...if its not working, remove that d3d9.dll again.
    Only have to dump that dll in your Race07 folder, works very easy.

    Hansje :wink:
  18. so I just dump it into steam/steam apps race 07
  19. Yes, very easy..you don't have to rename anything :)