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FIA GT 2008 Mod v1.0

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by zand, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. Downloads: A new file has been added by zand:

    FIA GT 2008 Mod for GTR Evo v1.0

    Welcome to the FIA GT 2008 Mod for GTR Evolution v1.0 by Zand
    (Class ID 118)

    This Mod is result of several months of work, editing and combining wonderful mod´s and skin´s from several talented guys.
    I thank them for their permissions:
    - der stier from GTR4u.de and friends for their GTR2 FIA GT 2008 Mod skins;
    - petrs73 & jraid for his GTR2GT Mod;
    - scca1981, Ibne and Colvin35 for their Porsche 997 and Ferrari F430 Addon;
    - taku for his gtrevo gtpro skinpack 1 and 2;
    - andre90ITA for his MC12 chassis and backfire update;
    - Artsonika for his reworked dashboards textures;
    - KampferAs (Günthar Rowe) for their their GTREvo icons.

    I also thank:
    - Takuya for his help;
    - Last but not least, my beautiful wife Liliana for her infinite patience.

    - GTR Evo aero, physics, engines and tyres ( patch)
    (Ferrari F550 and F575 = Aston Martin DBR9,
    Maserati MC12 = Koenigsegg CCGT,
    Lamborghini Murcielago = Gumpert Apollo,
    Chrysler Viper GTS-R = Viper GTSR);
    - GTR Evo sounds
    (F550, F575, MC12 and Murcielago = Modified DBR9);
    - Correct fuel capacity (GT1=90lt, GT2=100lt);
    - Skins for all 2008 FIA GT season teams;
    - Correct color wheels;
    - Tyre logos for all cars;
    - Almost all helmets and suits for number 1 driver;
    - Menu logos and icons;
    - Talent files;
    - Skin Support.

    Known issues(need help/time):
    - 2008 Vertigo Streiff wheels missing;
    - Lamborghini Murcielago lower lights not working;
    - Some helmets and suits missing;
    - Talent files are not perfect.

    - Extract to main "GTR Evolution" folder

    Pedro Pedrosa
    a.k.a Zand
  2. Thanks, should be fun. :)
  3. Really nice mod. Thanks very much! Took a few cars out and I really like the handling and feel. Great job! :good:
  4. Great job thanks installed to Race On and found the wheel problems,But then copied my wheels from my GTR EVO/Addon/Teams/Wheels to Race on/Addon/Teams/Wheels and this solved all the wheel problems.But i think you have to have the GTR2 mod installed in evo to find the missing wheels.2008 Vertigo streiff had green blobs for wheels but it is all sortred now
  5. what did you do about modelID= for these cars?
    - What cars had the wheels problems?

    - I kept the original modelID for the cars from GTR Rvo, GTR2GT Mod and Porsche 997 and Ferrari F430 Addon.
  7. I had to stop by and congratulate the team on getting this all in Evo. Looks great!

    One "bug" The second Felbemeyr Porsche and the IMSA Porsche seem to be linked, and it won't show the IMSA. I think it's because you have the same driver name? Maybe alter how the driver name is written to avoid confusing Evo?
  8. Thank you Zand for putting this together (and your wife) and to the original authors for their permissions and help.

    Downloading now:good:.
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    /me hits thank you button of the OP :thumb:
  10. Thank you all for the comments, guys.

    I will do a patch as soon as i have enough feedback.

    Skazz, i will take your advise and alter the drivers names for Felbemeyr and IMSA Porsche´s.
  11. looks good but it tells me I have exceeded my download limit ,
    I haven't downloaded anything....:-(
  12. xoa


    Same here.
  13. same here too
  14. Love it, really good work across the line, to test absolutely.
    Congratulations to all who worked on it, skins to 3D is impeccable;)
  15. Yes I have also exceeded my download limit somehow, and I've not even downloaded anything this month yet!:dog:

    But well done it looks great in the pictures anyway.
  16. it is finally letting me download , so guys give it a shot
  17. I can not download
  18. Fantastic Work thank you so much!!!!!
  19. why i can't download?i have downloaded nothing :(,and the write is download exceeded
  20. If you go to Download and click Download file before logging in I know the site thinks you have already downloaded and makes you wait - so those who can't get it could try logging in BEFORE clicking download - that might work for you - let us know, thanks.
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