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Cars Ferrari's Opponents 2013 League-Edition 1.0.3

Open-Wheel, Full Grid

  1. Schifarteruft submitted a new resource:

    Ferrari's Opponents 2013 League-Edition - Open-Wheel, Full Grid

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  2. Tks for all the hard work to bring this to Assetto, great stuff. I will try this out shortly.
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  3. I think I've managed to get a server up and running for this, including the F138.

    Search for Flying bollards or visit www.flying-bollards.com
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  4. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    Very impressive, thank you .
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  5. I jump back to the screen does not fill the course! Why? Your help THX!
  6. You mean, if you try to have a race you go back to the home screen? Are you using FO mod together with the f138 or only FO mod?
  7. Yes FO mod together f138!
  8. Red Pack F138 non kompatible or?
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2016
  9. do you replaced the f138 ui folder? Obviously the red pack is compatible ... we realized the mod for this reason.
  10. I've downloaded the offline variant and the game crashes back to the launcher when I try to load the car. No F138 in my case but everything is installed correctly (cars in the car folder and fonts in the fonts folder) and nothing in the logs. Anyone else having this issue?
  11. uhm...very strange.... It's impossible the log file show anything... can you post it? Until now no one have the same problem....
  12. First thing I checked were the logs but they were empty.
  13. Yes no f138 install the offline version and I also have this problem! Someone idea?
  14. Sorry, I don't understand. Do you have the f138 or not?
  15. Maybe you are watching the wrong logs file inside the steam app folder. The correct path is : documents >> Assetto Corsa >> logs >> log.txt
  16. No, the log files are empty (the ones in my documents). Been with AC since early access so I'm familiar with the logs.
  17. Sorry I do not have f138 !
  18. If I remeber correctly, the last time I had this issue with a mod it was due to problems with the collider, they were set too low. Maybe worth checking into?
  19. so you mean you see a white paper? It's very strange it doesn't show anything after a crash... now I'll ask to the other guys