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Misc F1 2014 - Handling Realism Mod (Pad & Wheel) + Texture Updates 1.41

Current: Assetto Corsa < F1 2014, not really but it's closer than ever

  1. hyjal submitted a new resource:

    Remove steering assist for pad users - no more self steering by unknown driver

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  2. well, there is a much simpler solution for that.
    In "driving options" just set "override input type" to "steering wheel", et voila.
    Obviously you have to disable the steering assist in the driving aids menu.
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  3. And have you drove like that even single lap?
  4. can i play online ??? if not I will no download this
  5. It doesn't work in online sorry.
  6. only a couple of thousand kilometers ...
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  7. Okay
  8. Hey,

    If you are using this mod 'normal steering'
    I highly recomed to download 1.1, because the 1.0 has 'balanced' car stats.
    Or if you are happy with that then feel free to drive with 1.0
  9. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    This post has been merged into your original mod thread.

    There is no need to post 'notifications' about updates or versions in other parts of the forum. Everyone who downloads your mod will automatically receive notification about updates. They either get a forum notification or an email, telling them that the file has been updated, with a link to the download page.

    This function is separate from the discussion thread notification, so they may also get one of those if they subscribe to this thread. When you update a mod, a post is made in this thread, so you've got those people covered too.

    That's more than enough notification for everyone :)
  10. nice, that steering assist is so annoying! one question, does this work online?
  11. No, it doesn't work in online, sorry
  12. hyjal updated Realistic Steering mod - F1 2014 - Removes steering assist with a new update entry:

    More realistic handling

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  13. Hello, this work with the G27 wheel also? thank you!!
  14. Hey! I don't see why won't it work. I'm pretty sure it works with wheels also, haven't tested it by myself. But you can also test it, (take backup of 'cars') folder and install the mod. Or you can wait till I test it and share results with you. And/ if/ or you test it please let me know what you like it. It helps me alot
  15. Hi Hyjal..thanks for your effort trying to fix this mess with F1 2014 pad assists :) I've yet to use your patch, but will do the first chance I get time at home - as I have shelved this game since it feels like I'm playing with autopilot. Does this patch you've created also address the hidden traction control? or is it that the hidden steering assist is what's making the game feel like it has traction control always on?