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F1 2013 Wish List

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. So we can start this again now and if we are lucky Codemasters can see any Interesting one to develop.
    Important ones at a Quick Glance:
    01. Better Physics and More Setup options
    02. Better AI - Fix especially on the Practice and Qualification the In Lap and Out lap cars are blocking each other
    03. All Teams at career start. We only have 5 years in career
    04. Dedicated Servers
    05. Pre-Season Testing
    06. All Practice Sessions
    07. Able to watch AI when the Player was in garage
    08. Cars and Tracks of Past seasons or atleast from 2009 to 2013 (even as a Purchasable DLC)
    09. Safety car to Come out more
    10. Original Yellow flag Rules make the cars go slower in yellow flag region along with no overtaking others
    11. Formation lap/Warm Up Lap and Celebration lap
    12. Punctures when going into marbles or collision between two cars
    13. Marshall's should come on the track and remove cars whilst the safety car is out, cars should not just disappear.
    14. Flat spots and its Effects over a Stint.
    15. Podium celebrations and Interviews Post Race.
    16. Helmet / Player Customize Option
    17. Replays - Off line and online Post session(P,Q,R)
    18. Stable Online Connections PS3 have lot of Disconnections.
    19. More Mechanical Gremlins and Add Gearbox Wear and penalties
    20. Better Force Feedback
    21. Better Penalty System
    22. Manual Pit stops and Option to choose Drive through and Pit stop
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  2. Here is My Wish list for 2013.
    1. The Difference between Intermediate and Professional was too much. Make a Balance between all the Levels
    2. AI/Player Needs to have a Strategy which resembles Real life. Korea and Singapore has too much Tire wear and making AI to go for 4th Option in 100% races which was not possible in real life
    3. Realistic Tire wear for each and Every track. Not just 3 Levels like Low , Medium and High but a broad Variation of wear levels.
    4. Dedicated Servers.
    5. Like Engine Wear introduce Gear box wear and allow player/AI to change gear box for every 5 races. If a Problem was there then award a 5 place grid penalty with a New gear box.
    6. New Mechanical problems and rise of Temps through out the session.
    7. If Possible Bring back FP1 and FP2 if not then Atleast give us FP2 with 90 Min instead of FP3. with the Tire allocation of Two Primes and One Option
    8. In Career mode allow players to have big teams at the career start. We had 3 years of climbing up the grid and lot of players want to drive for Big teams from the start
    9. Setup that effects tire wear more like real life.
    10. Punctures of your tire when you have a Colision like Vettel- Karthikeyan or Kimi- Alonso or Grosjean - Di resta and also When you take too much marbles like Hamilton in Germany and Rosberg in Australia when he went over Debris and got Puncture
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  3. I would like for Codemasters to just focus on physics, A.I and pre-release bug testing as with the previous titles they have given themselves far too much work by adding so many new features it actually takes away from the most important thing, the racing !

    So my list would be :

    1. Focus on gameplay rather than things that have no replay value at all e.g YDT.

    2. Dedicated servers, I would love 24 driver online grids.
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  4. I think that you drive the car on the last two or three races at a bad team and the results will affect the teams you can choose would be great, and if the racers would celebrate on the podium, and i miss the podium interviews
  5. 1. Helmet designing would be a great feature so that drivers could show their beliefs and preferences... etc.

    2. GP2 Series

    3. Visual and feeling changes for updates to the cars
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  6. Although I would live to see these things added, if CM attempted to add these features for F1 2013 we would end up with another unfinished bug-filled game that we will have to wait months for patches to make it playable.
  7. Kevin McDonald We know that CM won't solely focus on improving the game play with out adding any more Features

    Also I don't understand the Idea behind the YDT which was not useful for the beginners too. They really need to improve if it was going to stay then doing Constant speed Tests, Race Simulations, etc etc need to be added to that. And also make Players to enter YDT at the start of the career when ever they are starting the career not at the start of the game like we have now.
  8. i wish the big pilots of the f1
  9. Dedicated servers. and just make a F1 season , get ridd of all the other things .
  10. 1. Better teams when starting a career. I really dont wanna race a career in the Marussia.. I want to race in one of the better teams!
    2. What about a live TV cam for qualy? Only time simulation is boring, I want to view my opponents how they drive their laps...
    3. Podium champagner fun after race ;)
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  11. A comprehensive game save system is long overdue for this title. With no tyre scaling it has become even more important. C'mon Codies!
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  12. Tobias Röhner

    Tobias Röhner
    Germany's greatest Indycar Fan. Premium

    1. Massively reworked driving physics into a more sim-oriented direction
    2. Improved replay feature ala Geoff Crammonds GP4
    3. make the cars from 2009-2013 available
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  13. I liked the fact that you sat in a paddock and got interviewed in F1 2011.
    1.Bring that back and improve the stupid penalty system.
    2.Three practice sessions, standing on the podium and spraying champagne and getting interviewed.
    4.Dedicated servers for online and better damage.
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  14. 1 .Saftey Car .. lol
    2. Formation Lap and Victory Lap
    3. More Scenic View Pit Stop Animation
    4. Podium Scene Animation
    5 .Drive in Pit lane after race / Drive into finishing top three parking spots 1st 2nd and 3rd
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  15. Nicky Graho

    Nicky Graho
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    1.TV Hud
    2.Warm up lap
    3.Better sound
    5.Upgrades for car
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  16. 1. You have to drive out to the grid, not just let the computer drive out the pit box and then fade to grid.
    2. Realistic damage on the wings and suspension, your front wing should break off if you touch the car ahead's wheels, if you rub wheels with another car or the wall your suspension should break and flip round (like in real life).
    3. AI cars should have their own crashes, especially at the start.
    4. Red flag.
    5. you should be able to retire from any session by your own accord not just because you crash! When you do retire, you should be able to watch the rest of the session.
    6. Stewards enquiries.
    7. You should be able to watch P1, 2,3 and Q1, 2 and 3 with BBC timing graphics.
    8. Commentary from the actual races.
    9. Incidents that happened in real life should happen in the game too, like crashes, grid spots, winners etc.
    10. Marshalls should come on the track and remove cars whilst the safety car is out, cars should not just disappear.

    Thank you for reading, I hope you take my ideas into consideration.
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  17. Also, AI cars don't drive round you, they try to ram you out of the way. Some common sense in the AI cars would be much appreciated.
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  18. Basically take the stuff from F1 CE :)
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  19. Customize your own helmet too...
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  20. I would like to see Podiums, better help with setups especially from the engineer, maybe you could select what sort of setup you would like from menu's and the engineer could suggest a setup settings for you, the engineer giving better info to you while driving.
    I would like to get rid of the bit where your lap is invalidated just cos you straight line a corner with 2 wheels, but not the whole car, This is allowed is the real F1 so why not in the game?

    The AI drivers getting penalties when they cause accidents or hit you and not you get the penalty for some thing they have done.

    More faults like gearbox faults, have gearbox penalties for changing gearboxes, more punctures from collisions for both Players and AI drivers, engine temperature problems, engine problems and blow ups, engine faults, suspension faults, exhaust faults, brake faults also problems with front and rear wings braking, anything to that can happen with a real F1 car really, there are so many faults and problems the list is endless really
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