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Download: Cockpit FOV 30

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by glight, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Couldn't find an appropriate set of cockpit cams for my triple screen setup so I made my own.

    This is a complete set of cockpit cams at FOV 25 and 30 intended for use on triple monitors. Includes a "tall" and "average" height version of each cam for a total of 4 cockpit cams. Each cam also has the speedometer osd enabled so there is no need to look for the little green led or the DRS horn (can be disabled in the game's options if needed).

    Latest: v2.5.1

    Alpha version for testing:
    version 3.0 alpha1 (Team lotus only)

    Older Versions
    Version 2.1 Beta (FOV25 only)
    A - Short (Screenshots)

    v2.5.1 (20/02/2012)
    - added the cams for Mercedes since I forgot them in v2.5 (oops)

    v2.5 (11/02/2012)
    - combined FOV 25 and FOV 30 into a single set of cams
    - included tall and average height cams for each FOV (total of 4 new cams)
    - removed short height since the steering wheel and driver hands get in the way of racetrack
    - special bonus: antennas now visible (unfortunately Sauber and Force India do not have antennas since
    enabling them disables the mirrors (thanks CM!)
    - enabling antennas has caused problems with the racing line driver aid (sorry)

    v2.1 (05/01/2012)
    -FOV25: promoted v2.1betaB (average) to v2.1 release since it was the best compromise for driver height (old DL still available)
    -FOV30: no changes from v2.0

    v2.1 Beta (29/12/2011)
    -split up FOV25 into 3 versions: Short (A), Average(B) and Tall(C) please comment as to which you like best and this will become v2.1

    v2.0 (28/12/2011) (available as v2.1 Beta A)
    - redid all cams at FOV25 and properly adjusted camera height
    - all cars have at least 1/2 steering wheel visible (including DRS light) except Mercedes

    v1.0 (06/12/2011)
    - first initial release
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  2. I tried your mod, thank you .....
  3. This is awesome work, thank you very much :)
    I have tested all the cars, and it's working flawlessly, however...if I may ;)
    In the Red Bull and the HRT, you're seated a little too low, and in the Williams, you're seated a little too high.
    The Force India has cut mirrors (bottom of screen) so it's prob a little too high as well...but the rest is downright perfect !
  4. Thanks for the tips Fleming, I just changed FOV and left everything else default so that is why there are those (small) issues. When I have time I will try to fix them. I haven't modified camera positions before so I can't promise anything.
  5. I kinda figured that, and those cars are by no means undriveable, it's mostly about the mirrors... I went for two 100% races yesterday, I just couldn't help it this is so cool, it actually adds a whole new feel to the game. Thank you very much for this, and if you even take the time to tweak it further...well I'm lost for words, but know that this is very highly appreciated :)
  6. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    glight this is wonderful FOV for 3 screen ,it is by far the best I have ever seen ,the immersion (WOW)

    Also thanks (FR) for the link.
  7. works great, good luck.
    thank you
  8. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    glight ,first thank you for your Mod FOV 30 it has changed the game for the better .
    If I may ask you ,and only if you have time:) would it be possible to lower the view a little on the Williams so I can have all of the mirrors, and the RedBull a higher seated position ,I have tryed it myself but hay (no can do):(.
    I realy enjoy this driving position ,so again thankyou .
  9. I will try to do some tweaking for you guys tomorrow, hopefully I can find that old post that tells you what values to mod, anyone know where that is?
  10. Guys, I think I need some feedback. I took a look at the cams and realized the Williams is actually FOV 25 (oops!), the nice thing about this mistake is that IMHO this is better than FOV30, I just need to drop the position down so you can see the wheel. Take a look at the screenshots below and compare:


    If the desired look is one of realism and immersion then I believe the FOV25 is better, it is closer to the "bathtub" view that an F1 driver sees (although I've never driven a single-seater in my life). However, this might only apply to my setup in particular.

    What do you guys think? 25, 30 or both?
  11. I have to agree with you, FOV25 looks even better :) as long as the mirrors don't get cut-off at the bottom...
    So if you ask me, FOV25 is the way to go :)
  12. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    FOV 25 looks great from your screenshot , FOV 30 for most others feels just right with my setup.

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  13. Ok, thanks guys. I am working on the FOV25 now, I am going through the cams car by car and comparing them to get the most identical cams for each car. I should be able to get that uploaded soon (today). My initial tests using the new positions and FOV30 seem to be good too so I will quickly do those as well.
  14. Awesome m8, can't wait...or...sure I can ;) Looking forward to see what you come up with :)
  15. OK, FOV25 is done!

    Here are the screenshots while I upload the mod

    edit: FOV25 and FOV30 are ready for download, check the OP for the links!
  16. Awesome m8, testing at once :)
  17. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    Thank you ,will try them :)
  18. Tested the Ferrari, and in my humble opinion, you're sitting too low now ( sorry but have to be honest ) I really like the view tho :p
  19. So what you're saying is somewhere midway between the v1.0 (where everything was too high) and v2.0 (where everything is too low) would be better? Let me see if I can do a couple different versions just with one car for comparison.

    edit: Comparison Shots

    v2.0 (lowest)

    v1.0 (highest)

    v2.1b (inbetwen)

    Let me know which you like better.
  20. V1.0 definitely, if you ask me :) imho you should only change the hight of those I mentioned above, the rest is just perfect, also with FOV 25 :)