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Does it look this good while driving?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by seena, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. saw this screenshot by chromatic9
    seriously does this game look this good while playing?
    or is it like GT5 photmode?

  2. I'd say no.The best photographers on the WMD forum are using custom FXAA injectors which really sharpen the image, eliminates 99% of jaggies and colour grades the image so it looks more polished. It's very close though and with more polish and tweaks it probably will look this good all the time.

  3. Absolutely not. These make the game look good. In motion it's very different.
  4. I usually don't look at the outside of my car while driving :rolleyes:

    The car materials (reflection, fresnel and so on) are spot on but of course heavily rely on the environments.

    Since one of the last build the environment colors looks a bit bland. I think a bit more vibrant would look better in motion (that's why we got that high contrast look in games... not saying it's the end of all) at least in daylight. But they are getting there... Shift 2 were more stylized (color filtering) and of course didn't feature the highest LOD we see in Shift 3 :)

    Back to topic ;)
  5. Yes, it does look like that if you have the hardware to run at the ultra settings. There is no photomode in pCARS. You simply pause the sim, engage the free game, hide the UI and take the screenshot. Downsizing the image tends to make images look slightly better as well. Yes, people are using FXAA injectors and the in-game 8x MSAA, but again, if you have the hardware, you can have that on the entire time. The injector doesn't have much performance penalty anyway. The renderer also has not had optimization passes yet, which will improve performance later on.
  6. It's not a photomode but in game rendering, but it's also rather misleading to say it looks that good in game while moving as that screen has had a fair amount of photo editing work done to it to improve contrast/lighting etc. Also it's a static image, moving footage never looks as good mostly due the limits of our displays, plus AA and AF limitations come to the fore during motion. My biggest complaint with the game is how poor the in game AA and AF settings look especially on the track environments, the same levels in other games provide crisp clear edges and textures. Only way to improve things is by using cutomised injectors etc, which needs decent hardware to achieve 60+fps in game.
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  7. Yeah even with 8xMSAA I see noticable amounts of jaggies, hopefully it will improve though. I tend not to use FXAA because it just blurs the image.
  8. No it does not. Not in my opinion anyway. (And yes Micas, I can afford and do have the hardware.;))
  9. Chromatic9 is saying that's all in game real time
    one of his latest shot is mindblowing

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  10. I don't believe it at all.
  11. If an individual sees like that, it's probably because he is heavily on drugs...
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  12. That screen does have altered colours from using a cusom FXAA injector that it meant more for screenshots than gameplay.

    But it's better looking than any other racing game available.

    Some people may be playing around with the lighting and weather effects now, since the tools for that have been made available recently.

    Watch some videos to get a better idea of what it looks like.
  13. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    You can only see how it looks in live captured videos, when I look at a replay it's different.
  14. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Here is a good view of the lightning from ingame pictures and vids from build 189. They are not photoshopped. Only 8AA/16AF
    I'm only smart enough to push the capture button.

  15. Is the FFB any different/better from 184. To be honest I cant be bothered downloading a new build every week just for a few new trees and lights.
  16. Looks like Shift 2 to me. No better even.
  17. Came across an intresting vid

    For anyone intrested you can grab youtube vids using the site http://keep-tube.com/ for vids that might disappear
  18. I don't like the evening settings.

    But of course the day/night transition is something they just added recently. It's probably easier to imagine it looking spot on then to tweak it :)
  19. I run it with all settings on High/Ultra but with Motion Blur set to off... It does look like in the unedited screenshots posted everywhere.

    I think there are two things at work that make it seem like in-game there's something missing:

    -Composition: Screenshoots are taken with very dramatic camera angles, positioning and settings such as FOV and focal field... Right now built-in track side cameras are pretty much copypaste from Shift 2. They are not very zoomy and most of the time their focal lenght and FOV is unrealistic... As soon as we're able to put them right were we want then and have them point at what we want with artistics settings, there isn't going to be any noticeable difference.

    -Downsampling: Even the unedited shots and most of the in-game video captures are sometimes downsampled somehow, for example by the forum the make an image fit, or by file hosts themselves such as tinypic. This downsampling takes away some of the aliasing present in-game. Edited screenshots take this one step further adding a tad of sharpening.

    There is now work being carried over in the FXAA are which will bring injection obsolete, BTW.
  20. Yes in the graphical section of Pcars forum they are adding I think SMAA instead of FXAA as it gives better results with minimal performance hit. Currently I inject SMAA (ultra setting in the .ini) in Pcars and as well in GTR2 and it makes a nice difference in reducing those damn jaggies.