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Concept Car Competition: Budget Vehicle!

Discussion in 'Racer' started by 2o6, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. 2o6


    Concept Car Competition: Reasonably Priced Vehicle!

    So to keep things simple and easy, why don't we make a budget vehicle? It won't have to be immensely detailed and could be really easy. We could get say.......two months to get a model finished?


    Max power:

    Petrol: 150HP (Min HP 80)
    Diesel: 120HP (Min HP 70)

    Fuel Type - Any

    Max weight - 1300kg (Minimum weight 900kg)

    Engine type - 4cyliders or less (Rotaries, Hybrids or Electric cars are allowed, however there needs to be some sort of realism factor. You can't have a 5-seat electric car that costs $10000 USD and only weighs 1000kg.)

    Price Cap - $16000 USD (It shouldn't be too sophsiticated)

    Drive line - 2WD. FWD or RWD. No AWD cars allowed.

    Occupants: Must seat at least four, but can at maximum have eight.

    Length: At least 3.8m, no longer than 4.6m.

    Bodystyle: Any. However, it needs to seat at least four and fit in the length requirements.

    Engine Location: Yet again, any. However it needs to be realistic.

    Additional rules:

    The car must have at least one other wheel style choice, one other color choice and one other random choice of your choosing. This could be a spoiler or anything, interior colors, or even another body style.

    - The Car must be legal. It needs plates, lights, and others. The more the merrier. (Indicators, maybe?)

    Ok, let's get crackin'! :biggrin:


    MAY 15th, 2010
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yay. I think I'll try lol.
  3. i vote for 125hp.. and diesel as same power, cause lower diesel cars is a bit boring... diesel with same power run the same as petrol, cause it has lower rpm range and higher torque compared with petrol one.

    engine, i vote for 4cyl. or more, or less.. actually we have mazda mx-3 with little v6 and 1.8 liters..

    Price is ok for me.. maybe i put little more, to enter in mid-cheap range. maybe USD 16,000

    another good rule is to put all in car that the own author country requires to be a legal car. Like plates, lights, etc.

    And if it is mid-cheap, no choice of rims, only 2 colors and it is ok.
  4. OOoo.. a challenge.. sounds like fun.. the real challenge however is.. do I have the time..
  5. I agree with the power.

    the cylinder amount i can work around.

    The price is fine by me, though I'd say raise it up a bit to 14,000 USD (I had a quick look and a Chevy Aveo sedan here in the US starts at just under 12,000 USD, the 5 door starts just over 12,000).
  6. I like the rules, but I agree, petrol and diesel should have same maximum power limit.
    I'm in.
  7. Are you looking for any interior here? I can do a body in 2 months but interiors take me a long time to get anything done :/ If I just did a silhouette (all black, low detail) interior it wouldn't be so bad.
  8. ok, price i don't know, cause in brazil the price is always strange.. cars costs too much! waiting for more news!
  9. 3 and 1/2 months with exterior, interior, views, sounds, lights, all perfect car, with good realism. This is one rule too.
  10. 2o6


    Let's set a date:

    May 15th.
  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yep, I like that date. Should be enough time, hopefully!
  12. May 15th, sounds good to me.
  13. 30th may! is a good day, sunday to release, almost 3 months... is good enough for who wanna more time, or dont have much time to play racer =)

    let's start!
  14. 2o6, could you edit the rule in one simple part?

    i wanna use 5cylinder engine in line, but with the rules of power (max 150hp), and 1.9liters. =) i have the ini done here.. please? if all agree, of sure.
  15. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I don't have any problems with that. It shouldn't make a difference if it follows the power rules.
  16. i`m in whenever this starts/ends :)
  17. 2o6



  18. start your own thread in car section, andrei!
  19. I`ll start a thread soon. Nothing to show yet.
  20. Nice :D