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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Liam Jenkins, May 5, 2012.

  1. Liam Jenkins

    Liam Jenkins
    FSR Commentator

    Hey guys as some of you may know Scott Woodwiss will be partnering Nick in this weeks World Championship race. Whilst I am a pit reporter. This is great for FSR and both fantastic commentators I feel that perhaps I am not good enough or maybe people don't like me.Whilst the system is rotating to see what works best so for instance I will be main commentator again for Valencia, I personally feel that in the future I may not be good enoug. I was wondering if possible to get your feedback from the people who are the most important within the league, the drivers and the fans. If there is anything you feel I am lacking or could improve on in the near future then let me know and I will do the best I can to improve.
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  2. Hi Liam, first of all i want to say your a very good commentator. But there is deffinetely something to inprove. Thing i noticed while watching the races. Is that your cutting over the other commentator many times. In my opinion as a viewer i dont bother it to mutch. But for the other commentator i understand that it can very annoying. Im not talking 100% for my own atm, cus i spoke to scot some days ago "i dont know if he wants me to say this, but i want to be honest here, cus where talking about inprovements for the league and you as commentator" who actually told me he was not happy with it. "cutting over the other commentator"

    In my opinion and i think many others, this is a big inprovement that you as commentator can make.
    You have all your talks straight away and u can keep talking for ages, so i dont think there is many to inprove there:D
    But its just about inproving to really commentate with each other and not kind of against the other commentator.
    It has to be a plesure for both commentators. I would say talk about it with the other commentators and see ther opinion.

    Just wanted to be honest here and just say what i think cus its the best for everyone.
    Again Liam, i love your commentary and good luck this evening!
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  3. Liam Jenkins

    Liam Jenkins
    FSR Commentator

    Thanks Rob I will do my best not too in the future! I just tend to get a bit excited hehe sorry!
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  4. Well first thing i think its really really hard to NOT overcutting the other one. Problem is that ur not in the same room.
    I really really enjoying the way Liam do the commentating. Hes almost the only one that commentated last year races (WT, WS and WC). I really like it and i dont see why other commentators are better.
    Liam got my blessing for commentator box.

    Maybe its good that drivers, who are out of the race, get an interview.
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  5. you're very talented commentator Liam, and i don't know why you will be replaced by other commentators.
    You made great job every race.
    If FSR needs a true commentator, it's you !
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  6. There are many sporting events out there with multiple commentators i seriously dont see any reason why it cant be here. All you guys do a great job on commentating. Having a extra commentator is nice to, this way you guys can roulate a bit also between the divisions and still have a normal weekend as welll without having to do more races like in the past when you where alone commentating multiple divisions. You are a great commentator and i actualy dont have any problem when one cutting out the other, its part of commentating i think sometimes it happens and for me its not disturbing at all btw.

    The only thing i can think off for improvement in general is mayby the interaction with the camera man, when more battles are followed it sometimes happens that a commentator is talking about battle X while battle Z is followed by the camera man. This is something that happend now and then in the past. And it would also be nice to have some inside info during the race, try to talk with team owners and racers to understand even more about the setup, car , race strategies followed by drivers, low downforce vs highdownforce because of long straight at china for example,... what will it do with the car how will it behave etc etc. LIke in the past can remember from Montreal for example that someone said it was heavy on tyres while instead it was the oposite way.

    The last alinea is just ment as general to all commentators actualy, also dont see it as critics just something in general wich i think can be improved to make it even more interesting. All you guys do a great job commentating, we provide some great racing but it also needs some great commentating to make it a complete show we need all of you.;)
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  7. @rob
    Liam watches the whole race. Hes following the action. When he see people are overtaking or are close he says it. Nothing wrong for me because thats the thing i want to see as a fan and driver (when i look back the BC). The only thing he can get the camera's to the action is to talk (read overcutting) other commentators. When u have 2 people commentating u get those stuff and again nothing wrong with it. Its not annoying to me.

    In my opinion i feel that Liam is been pushed away a little. Last race Liam was commentating with a other one (Nick or Scot) i was thinking that Nick or Scot wanted to lead the commentating with little room for Liam to talk.

    Again all my opinion
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  8. Liam there is not really much to say... You're doing an awesome job! Keep commentating fsr races pleaaase :p
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  9. +1 you have totally right !
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  10. Liam Jenkins

    Liam Jenkins
    FSR Commentator

    Thanks guys without sounding emotional I have a tear in my eye haha it honestly means so much!!!! I will do my best not to cut in in the future!! Thank you again it honestly means the world to me! This is what I love at the end of the day and if I can improve I will try my hardest!!
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  11. Liam keep cutting!
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  12. I don´t see a problem when a 3rd commentator joins the team and the positions are changed.

    @Liam, as you ask if there are things you can improve, I would like to add one thing to what rob said, something where both Nick and Scott excelled in the past, and that is the research work before a race. A good commentator should know facts about the track (Cornernames at least and maybe some historic info and other data about the track), know the drivernames and teamnames and have a short overview over their achievements in the past. That´s not a lot of information to remember or put together on a sheet you have next to you. That´s how real commentators work also, writing down as much info as they can, following strategies on a sheet by writing down when someone pitted and so on. Commentating is a lot more then talking about what you see. I hope you see this as constructive critisism, everyone who wants to be good at something has to work to improve, and if something happens which you don´t like, work harder to overcome it ;)
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  13. You have a very good skill. We know that you can fix this problem without difficulties.
    Replace you just for this is just a strange argument.
    anyway. you hasn't won the Autosport award with cheating...
  14. Personally I have a huge respect for anyone who does any type of "free" work related to FSR, most of it is very much undervalued. I think last year when FSR was short of commentators Liam did sometimes commentate all 3 races, that's commitment I've only seen a few persons match in FSR.

    Of course, FSR wants to be as "professional" as possible, but as long it's all voluntary I don't think FSR commentary should be compared against professional one. The cutting over another commentator is an issue in online commentary in general since you can't "signal" the other commentator the same way as if they sit in the same room. From what I've heard, IRL commentators have agreed upon various hints and gestures to know when the other one wants to speak. It's something that can't be done online, so to expect this issue to be 100% solved is hardly realistic.

    In general I think commentary is a very difficult job which is easy to criticize from the audience but which very few of us would actually manage. I think anyone doing such job for FSR should already be respected for being there and putting up the effort.
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  15. That's such a shame. Your commentary is one of the primary reasons why the races are so good. You add such a level of professionalism to the league and would be bad to lose you. You keep the racing entertaining and are always informative and the passion is clearly there. Hope you stay commentating :)
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  16. Liam Jenkins

    Liam Jenkins
    FSR Commentator

    Thanks Nicholas and John, if I could do all 3 races each week I would but I can only do 2 due to work. I try to be as passionate as I can, I just hope it's enough now. I'm doing the World Series tonight so gonna be giving it my all as always hehe, thanks again guys! If I could buy you all a big cookie I would!! :p
  17. Beer for me!
  18. Im not saying its bad ore anything, as i said, for the viewer id might not be a big problem, but for the other commentator it seems to be. Now i dont know the rest of it. But again i love liam as a commentator and he is one of the best out there. Liam said in this tread that people mide not be happy with him, and i was just bringing one thing up that can be inproved.
  19. I'd like to echo what JES said.

    Anyone willing to give their time for FSR is very valuable to me.
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  20. Another +1 here.
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