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Colin McRae: DiRT 2

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Bram, May 29, 2009.

  1. No Dirt 2 thread?

    I was surprised not to see any Dirt 2 thread. Only Dirt 3? huh?
  2. Thomas Hackel

    Thomas Hackel
    Honk - Forum Games Moderator

  3. Em.. same thread?
  4. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    Its merged as you can see with the original DIRT2 thread of over 50 pages ;)
  5. Mmm... To bad it doesn't have its own thread like Dirt 3. Was looking for some race club events to participate in.
  6. DiRT2 & G27 help pls

    I've been playing DiRT3 for a while and now, I'm trying to play DiRT2 again, but my
    Logitech G27 is not responding to my mapping all of the sudden. After remapping, I would not use my keyboard, just the Shifter buttons. I could even save new mapping into my DiRT2 Profile. But it would not save it all. Because I would restart the game, and the G27 is once again not recognized. Therefore, I would have to go back to my keyboard so I can enter the DiRT2 trailer.

    It only wants to go reverse. I tried checking and unchecking it to Logitech Profiler as either Combined Axis. No dice.
    Accelerator only works on Default Settings, which sucks because I can't map my E-brake.

    Then my I adjust my Deadzones, it would default back.

    Steering is working, regardless what I map for my e-brake = left paddle and brake = clutch,
    this will not apply once race starts.

    DiRT2 must be jealous

    I downloaded the Logitech Profiler and pointed where my DiRT2.exe but it would not launch it from there

    Tried the following:
    ---- unchecked/ rechecked "Allow game to adjust"
    - did not work

    ---- unchecked/ rechecked combined axis
    - did not work

    ---- removed/ detached the stick shift
    - did not work

    after my Win7 updates, I'll try to uninstall & reinstall Logitech Profiler (hopefully not affect DiRT3 and other racing games)

    I remember something about editing DiRT2's Actionmap folder but not sure how to proceed.
    Please advice, and advance thanks

    BTW, would GFWL affect this? I have mine on Auto-Sign in and I have suspicion that it prevents me from mapping my buttons.:confused:
  7. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I wouldn't be surprised if having Dirt2 and Dirt3 installed on the same system had some effect on it. Codies stuff seems to bring up some weird issues.

    I know some people had the same issue with Dirt3, so maybe look into how they sorted that and see if its applicable to Dirt2?
  8. Who's still playing?

    How could Codemasters get the handling on DIRT3 worst than DIRT2 out of the box? You'd think it would be at least as good...not worst. Here's my run in DIRT2.

  9. I have both DiRT 2 and 3 installed via Steam. After some hours DiRT 3 I went back to try DiRT 2 again and my profile was fine, as were my settings, DiRT 2 played exactly as before. The settings are stored in C:\Users\Documents\My Games\DiRT 2/3 - i.e. different locations. There's no logical reason why one would affect the other.
  10. No problems here with Dirt 3 and Terry, the handling in Dirt 3 is actually better IMO than is Dirt 2....at least with my ffb wheel. I can control the car and keep it on the track better.
  11. I was referring to 'out-of-the-box'....no tweak comparison of the handling for both games. The handling in DIRT3 can be easily adjusted to make sense. I actually am enjoying the game now that I've tweaked it.
  12. Dirt2 demo destroys F1 2011

    Damn, D2 has...

    Much better GFX
    Pretty good FFB, certainly better than 11
    Default profile works perfectly with G27, whereas default on 11 is a nonsense
  13. What's the F1 mode like in Dirt 2?

    Unless there isn't one, which would make your point completely irrelevant.
  14. Only if you say so.....but I think some people want to compare things like GFX, FFB and steering precision, and by that criteria, F1 2011 is pretty sad.
  15. Dirt 2 has 'better graphics' because of the environments and lighting.
    If you don't like the F1 games / sport, then don't buy them.
  16. I tried Dirt 3 and just couldn't get on with it. Load times, short race length, just didnt click with me. Having now played Richard burns rally I reinstalled Dirt 2 and I must say im still very impressed with it. Its no RBR but some Codies games just manage to flatter the ego correctly to provide a great feeling and experience. Personally i love the handling and graphics are stunning for such an old game. It helps that i have a better system these days and can turn everything up to full but its still a blast to play :) Just a shame Dirt 3 didnt seem to follow it for me.
  17. I've got back into Dirt 2 lately, installed it because I was having a few friends over and about 2 years ago we had a blast racing each other up China Hillclimb, have to say that the game really is great, the physics may not be realistic in terms of grip levels but they feel really great to play and driving the car has a believeable realism in the handling characteristcs just as it feels fairly honest with how unrealistic it can be, the FFB is excellent and I felt the cars had a weight to them that could be thrown around in a typical agile rally car style.

    After that I tried Dirt 3 and found the FFB wasn't as good, had to fiddle with the controls a fair bit and I found it a little slow paced after coming from D2, the cars have more weight to them but don't feel so agile, the weight isn't able to be thrown around as well and though it is perhaps more realistic in many ways I dont think it captures the essence/characteristics of a rally car as well as Dirt 2.

    When it came to stages I thought Dirt 2 had some fantastic ones (especially Croatia) but some of the Dirt 3 stages were really borefests (Finland disapointing), though Norway/Michigan were pretty good on the whole I found that Dirt 2 was my favourite of the games in terms of the quality of the driving stages.

    Dirt 2 will always remain my favourite of the current games, I could even go as far as to say it is one of my favourite racing games, which is quite something for someone like me who obsesses so much about full on sims.
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  18. Gameplay :D