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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 10, 2010.

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  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    THAT LOOKS AWESOME!! New desktop Wallpaper :D
  4. wait till you see the one for the event after :)
  5. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Wouldn't happen to be a Blue Flag one would it? :D

    And David, where can I get this hi-res and a big size please :)
  6. Glad you like it Ross. I will send you a big size one right now.
  7. going online in 20 mins, hope to start broadcast by 9 o'clock, good luck all players!
  8. GRRRR there was a crash on the motorway so i didnt get home in time.
  9. make a complaint :)
  10. Bad luck Simon. :frown:
  11. Bad luck Simon. :frown:

    Yeah LOL send an incident report! :D

    By the way, both Motor AG cars will score points as they completed 75% of the race.
  12. Woot woot hat trick here ;)
    Quali: I was looking 1:18 but 19,5 did the job.
    Race:First few lap I see that Mike could not get quite close to me and I was thinking to drive slowly that Dragos can catch us but I did not know whether Mike is on hard tyres then I got problem so I try to keep good speed and its work I think I won 5sek per.stint.Good result for team Q1,FF,win and 5 place good job Dragos.
    Thank you racers,media team and STC RD.
  13. I did a good quali tonight, near of my pb, but my strategy on hard tyres was not a good idea. To be honest, i don't see when we can use these tyres, it miss a little more grip in order to make them interesting. I think it's an interesting point to improve a little more for the next STC season.

    Grats to Rami and the podiums, thanks to the staff for this awesome race !
  14. thx to all players for another great round of action, you gave Xose some fantastic moments to capture. Pity the Blueflaggers had one of those nights where just nothing goes right. Ah well, still two to go :) See you all at Interlagos, the Doran will love that track after pancakefundidora, lol, and the poster is the best of the season :)
  15. No answer to Rami's pace today, great job Rami.

    Not my best race but solid points, after I saw Rami's race pace I had to drive for second place. Something didn't feel right with the setup, was a quite conservative setup but just didn't give me the consistency or good tyre wear I had in practice. Lonely race for me really. I didn't feel good, and no one around to play with so just chalked off the laps till the finish.

    Well done to everyone.

    Thanks STC.
  16. Grats Rami on the win and Mike for 2nd place

    Quali - Very happy with 3rd place on grid behind my teamate, but little disappointed being 0.8 secs from my best time in training. I just didn't attack the lap enough.

    Race - What an absolute nightmare........quite possibly the hardest race I have ever had. I didn't anticipate the hotter track temps, and boy my setup just didn't work. I dropped a couple of places very early being too careful and after that it just went from bad to worse. Spun into T2 and had to wait for a few cars to pass to rejoin, but just had no grip at all. After my first stop I rejoined right behind Haba, and I foolishly tried to stay with him passing a few cars on the way. After 10 minutes my tyres were shot and tbh was all over the place for the rest of the stint.

    The last stint faired better in terms of tyre management, but by now the damage was done. 7th place I suppose was ok as it could of been alot worse!
  17. Nothing special.
    Many teams have released some very good drivers.
    Our sides, many problems to keep pace, the track was very technical, the slightest deviation in the path and we lose immediately a lot of time.
    Quali : 12th
    In qualifying, I just miss a bit of a track and I lose a little time, but overall I would not have done much better.
    Race : 11th
    For the race, very hard to take the pace, not really funny I had very little opportunity to have fun. Except towards the end when I should have better defend my position, but I could not take my car, I chose not to fight for not having an accident and kept at least 11th place.
    This circuit is not my favorite.

    Grats podium (and others that following because there are really good drivers too) and organizers of course ;)
  18. Great race.
    Had very limited flying time in this car,we got the mod online only working the day(evening) before the race,did some offline practise as online wouldnt work, but it was like the 3rd time i was driving that car, so had to learn the car,the track
    and try to teamspeak(also new),this also goes for Martin Kraaijenbrink.
    Both of us are new at FDR and i think we can be proud with the race results: 9th and 10th
    Thanks to the team who did what they could in helping us getting faster and faster around the track while looking after the tyres and fuel and pit strategy.
    Thanks guys,we had a great evening and we hope to do even better next time.
    Cheers to all drivers and see you all in interlagos,Brazil.
  19. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Great news....i was stuned to see that we bouth got the same engine problem.
  20. Great and very very funny race for me...

    After a bad disconnection in Portimao (due to steam uploading i supposed) in this event i finish the race with a good result for COR Team!

    Q: I've complitely wrong my lap..1,5 sec from my best lap in training...

    R: In the first part of every stint i drive with a lot of attenction for the tires, so I was faster at the end of every stint...Good battle during the first stint with Peter Carlsson, then when i passed him i found my rhythm and i’ve gained time by the leading trio...
    during the second stint another battle with Peter and then with
    Robin Johansson in the last stint laps...I passed him but Robin repassed me after an hard-fought pit stop with a battle to the millisecond...
    In the third stint i lost 5 sec due to misunderstandings with some drivers overlapped, but with a few laps on top driving i closed the gap with Robin at two laps from the end. But unfurtunately we had a contact and for this i excuse myself again with Robin...i see you lost the braking point and i made the same error so I was unable to avoid contact...
    Anyway a very closed and funny race!!

    Compliments to Rami and Mike...toooo fast!!!

    Great Compliments to the staff and to everyone for the beautiful event

    sorry for my bad english...
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