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2016 GRID MEGAPACK - MotoGP, Moto2 + Moto3 1.3

featuring 2016 riders/teams/ performances/physics and more for all 3 classes

  1. rkh


    rkh submitted a new resource:

    2016 GRID MEGAPACK - MotoGP, Moto2 + Moto3 - featuring 2016 riders/teams/ performances/physics and more for all 3 classes

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  2. N/A rider for"------" ?
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  3. I can't find in my game the file "content.mix" and where to put the tyres folder?

    Thanks in advance
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  4. rkh



    /DATA/PHYSICS/TYRES for the TYRES. Overwrite tyrescatalog.bml according to which file you need.
  5. Mattia pasini 54 not 8
    Simone Corsi 24 not 3
    Mattia pasini is italy not spain
    Delete number of rider N/A
  6. rkh


    if you mean on the bike, I am NOT changing that. Done with photoshop...lol
  7. not in the menu.....
    when choose the rider
  8. rkh


    roger that!
  9. installed and worked PERFECT!!!!! Thanks alot, great job.
    are you going to update the moto3 mahindra team (Aspar team) in the future?

  10. rkh


    thank you!!! still updating + correcting cosmetic stuff...in fact, will release new version later today my time (U.S.A. PST). this will include rider + team performances :ninja: i hope others will jump on Moto3 liveries for 2016.
  11. sorry rkh a question, must be integrated this update with your previously update of 2016 motogp moto 2 and moto 3 update mod, it's this rights?
  12. rkh


  13. rkh


    yes, in order to get those changes in Moto2 and Moto3 download it for sure. Just leave all folders alone except for MOTO2 and MOTO3 ( in the CONTENT.MIX file also) and use the one I offer separately now in this thread to get MotoGP liveries. I will probably upload all of it in 1 package soon, meaning all texture changes for all three classes.
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  14. rkh


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  15. Thanks a lot rkh
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  16. Thanks a lot for share your passion and a lot of hours , days, weeks you spend to made for this work @rkh
    Im download everything
    _2016 GRID MEGAPACK 1.1
    _2016 Grid Update GP, moto2 , moto3
    _2016 Livery Pack

    I guess this is the right order to get all work great ;)

    May I ask you something about livery....
    Could you made a list for moto2 and moto3 for 2016 livery done and missing to get the idea what team we need to do .... ;)

    I still download 2016 livery so I will test all together, Thank a lot for this
    Do you wanna work for Milestone :p:p:D
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  17. Moto2
    SAG Team (luis salom)

    SKY Racing Team VR46
    Gresini Racing
    Number of Estrella Galicia 0,0
    RBA Racing
    3570 Team Italia
    Honda Team Asia
    Platinum Bay Real Estate
    Schedl GP Racing
    Aspar Mahindra
  18. rkh


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  19. rkh


    I expected people to "revenge down rate my mod", because I am a vocal member of this community. However, I also work hard on the mods. To down rate it because some of you simply cannot follow instructions, is flabbergasting. I do not need the ratings anyways, I know it is by far the best option out there for anything 2016 season related, but something needs to be noted.
    Honestly, this behavior in the community is very immature. You got something to add after thoroughly testing it? Great. You want to help make it the best possible experience? Great. But this, this just does not inspire people to share their work. PM's with complaints - really?

    So other modders figure - why bother? Long as I enjoy it, it is all good, why share it when a great part of this community doesn't even know what mixfile remixer is.
    I understand these modders now. There is no suggesting or compromising here. Everyone thinks they know it all, since they have been on a MotoGP bike since 2 years of age. You can see that by the number of mediocre mods, instead of working productively together. Yes, I have a big mouth, but I can back it up. I claim to know A.I. behavior + A.I. physics as I have been modding Milestone games for years now.

    Yet, someone doesn't know mixfile remixer, they rate it down, someone has no clue how bikes behave and rate the mod down, instead of just ignoring my physics folder then. All you should install then is the 2016 Grid stuff and leave the physics out of it. It was supposed to be an added bonus. Why complain about the Moto2 and Moto3 liveries, when I explicitly said I don't have them updated. I made sure Leopard has three riders and shuffled those liveries accordingly, but I am not good when it comes to textures for liveries and such. No problem admitting that. My texture work sucks, no doubt.

    I would really appreciate people who do not get it to refrain from butchering it and to instead focus on their own mods. Having said all that - really, really appreciated the kind words from the riders who actually get it. So, thank you guys !!!
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  20. rkh


    for those still confused if everything has been installed correctly - here are some shots of what you should see in the modified game.

    2016 liveries:

    Scratched riders for 2016 season (AB Motoracing + Forward + Octo):

    2016 Menu Pics:
    20160404133120_1.jpg 20160404133114_1.jpg 20160404133103_1.jpg 20160404132847_1.jpg 20160404133057_1.jpg

    You should also have the new A.I. Physics file - you'll notice that immediately in that you cannot escape a Ducati on the straights. In general, you should see major A.I. improvement with them right on your truck nutz especially when you make a mistake. Qualifying results should be within 1 or 1.1 seconds riders 1-12, and the slowest rider in Q1 should be about 1.4 - 1.6 seconds slower than pole position depending on track. I will post pics regarding this and a video that shows the much tougher A.I. :cool: :ninja:
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