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2012 V8 Supercars

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Rhys Gardiner, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Anyone else seen this?

  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    The 300C would be awesome to see in the series.
  3. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/m...petition-in-2013/story-e6frfgb6-1226266051719

    I am speechless.
  4. Hmm. Back in the day it was oke. But imo in this era it just needs to be Holden and Ford and no other cars.
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  5. Hmmm... I think the exact opposite. The whole reason I stopped watching V8 Supercars was because I was getting bored with just Holden and Ford racing... the more the merrier I think!
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  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    That will fill some newspapers :)

    Good for the series though! Nice
  7. Come to think of it, I might have found a new manufacturer to support.


  8. Nissan, beurk !
  9. I agree with Ivo tbh. Then again if it means the sport is more viable going forward (Japanese Audience) I'm all for it.
  10. I don´t watch the sport but i agree with Ivo, it´s just a sacred series and should be only Ford and Holden :)
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  11. Maybe Iam wrong, (so please correct me if)
    But the V8 Supercars are all the same? The engine, the chassi, and so on.
    The emblem is just different. right?
  12. The problem is guys the Falcon will cease in a few years, also both the Commodore and Falcon use to be the top2 selling cars in Oz and they just aren't anymore.

    TBH, I'm more pumped about the Bathurst12hr cause of the GT3 cars & euro interest then i am with the 1000 this year. Also $50 for the weekend compared to $160 at the V8s.

    So they need to get more cars in. Its been nearly 20years with the current format, its been a good run time for something new.
  13. It'd be nice if they'd bring back some kind of Group A racing with lots of different cars with their strong and weak points !
  14. Exactly William, its why i like GT racing. aka like LeMans, GrandAm, GT3.
  15. I got slightly bored of Ford v. Holden as well just as much as I was bored with Citroen v. Ford in WRC.

    IDK, I'm not invested at all in V8 Supercar's history so maybe my opinion doesn't really matter that much. But from an outsider's perspective i think it's time the sport continues to grow with it's market. After all as Dave pointed out, Holden and Ford aren't as massive as they once were before and the Falcon's going FWD now.

    Times change, people change, thus racing series change. The Ford v Holden has been a very nice fight but it's been 20 years. It can't last forever. IMO the negative opinion that FvH HAS to be V8 Supercar forever is just like the NASCAR fans complaining when Toyota's the "All-American" series. Change isn't always comfortable but that isn't necessarily a bad thing
  16. I'm gonna say the more the merrier.
    More manufacturers getting involved is always good for the sport and I don't think it 'has' to be only Ford and Holden.
  17. I wouldn't call the Holden v. Ford rivalry "sacred", at least not now. It may have been the case in the past, but the two makes are shrinking as the years go by - the Falcon and Commodore are not suited to the current economic climate and the average modern Australian lifestyle; they're too big, too expensive, too heavy and too thirsty to be popular in the road car market anymore. Ford and Holden can't recoup this lost profit from V8 Supercars publicity alone - plus, their brand image won't be helped by only competing against each other. They need a foreign manufacturer(s) to use as a benchmark and for which to gain publicity from if they beat them on the track, and Nissan joining is the best way to do it.

    And on a lighter note - if Nissan win Bathurst, I'll die of laughter just seeing the looks on the faces of the die-hard reds and blues! :p
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  18. They have done it twice. They can do it again.
  19. Problem is, they'd get beaten by a kit car... Let's face it, Nissan doesn't have a single proper V8 car to compete with.
  20. Well, to be fair, all V8 Supercars are kit cars technically... V8 Supercars use 5.0L V8s, and there isn't a single 5.0L V8 in Ford's or Holden's ranges.
    The biggest difference with Nissan's entry will probably be that the road car will be front-wheel drive. They're most likely using the Altima, which will probably be introduced to the Australian market very soon...