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Toscana 0.31

Fictional race track set in toscana, 24 pitboxes, 3 layouts

  1. fastfab

    I present you my first fictional track (before attempting to make a real track), the Toscana Autodromo.

    New v0.3 lap around the track and replay:

    It is set in the beautiful country side of Italian Tuscany.

    The track have now 3 layouts :
    Short: Toscana Centrale
    Regular: Toscana Gran Premio
    Regular with bypass: Toscana Gran Premio Veloce

    The track features a Hairpin, a Bankturn, two chicanes and a tunnel.
    The main track is a "8" that turns clockwise.
    The version right now is 0.3 with WIP AI and WIP replay cameras (AI for GP layout made by TibuszHun ;)).

    This is my first track ever, so I hope you will like it.

    v0.2 pictures...


    The road to 1.0:

    0.4 The long track update
    Add the longest track version suitable for endurance racing.

    0.5 The detail update
    Add track side details such as cranes, cameras, trucks, some scenery etc...
    Vegetation and trees overhaul.

    0.6 The people update
    Add people, crowd, flag, banner etc...
    Add and tweak camera set for replay.

    0.7 The road update
    Retexture road, sand and kerbs. Making smooth visual connection between them.
    Add skid marks and other surface effects.
    Add real local deformation and unique feel on the high definition physical road mesh.
    Tweak surface.ini.

    0.8 The AI update
    Trying to fix and optimise AI lines.
    Creating, fixing and tweaking interactive object and .ini files.

    0.9 The optimisation update
    Reduce draw calls. Consolidating objects, textures, materials, tweaking LOD, clipping, detail layers etc...

    1.0 The "mostly" final debug update
    Gathering a maximum bug from the community and fixing a maximum of them to be able to release a proper 1.0.

    1.1 and above
    No new content, just fixing remaining issues.


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Recent Reviews

  1. miezcom
    Version: 0.31
    One of my favourite tracks to race at offline. It's a shame it seems it won't be completed.
  2. RobertM525
    Version: 0.31
    Tricky but a beautiful track. I love it.

    It reminds me of some of the classic fictional Gran Turismo tracks in the best way.
  3. Klancy
    Version: 0.31
    Graphics are really impressive, proof that with some effort the engine handles very well large structure and nice landscapes.
    And the track is fun too, well done !
    Not a big fan of purple tough...
  4. AccAkut
    Version: 0.31
    Just saw I never rated this... don't have anything to add to my words in the support section, this track needs a six star rating, top spec in every department, graphics, performance, artstyle, character. IMO a much better fictional track than Highlands or BCC.
  5. RasFafa
    Version: 0.31
  6. Smashmouth
    Version: 0.31
    Gran turismo much?
  7. Francogalan
    Version: 0.31
    Love the track! Thanks
  8. Rafael Iwata
    Rafael Iwata
    Version: 0.31
    Hi There ! Congratulations for the excelente job ! I just loved this track, but I'm having a little bug... When I try to pit, the pit place just desapears (Where we need to stop the car). Can you help me to solve this problem ? Thanks !!!
  9. Pekka Muikku
    Pekka Muikku
    Version: 0.31
    This track is absolutely great!! Thanks!
  10. cubadoo1
    Version: 0.31
    Fantastic flowing track . Without doubt the best fictional track for ac and that includes the kunos tracks.
  11. Falschfahrer
    Version: 0.31
    Great Job ... and this is Version 0.3 ??? ... WOW
  12. takfar
    Version: 0.31
    Amazing track. Fun, varied, and with a wonderful atmosphere and scenery, definitely one of my favorites already, definitely looking forward to the next versions.

    I'm just not sure how all the car exhaust gases are going to affect the quality of the trackside vines, tho. Care for some notes of petrol in your Trebbiano? Or perhaps burnt rubber in your Sangiovese? ;)
  13. Susun corda
    Susun corda
    Version: 0.31
    Really great as a v0.3!
    It looks quite overexposed, too much lights I think.
  14. ruffy110
    Version: 0.31
    This is an excellent track. Great feel, great corners, really tricky line. I love it.

    The scenario is perfect too. Racing and Toscana go hand in hand. Well done!

    I have one tiny request to make: Could you add another section around Pendolino thats more suiteable for F1 cars? Right now, the old bank there isnt really good for the low F1 cars.
  15. Channel
    Version: 0.31
    Great feel in an outstanding scenario.. Thanks!
  16. prokopiv
    Version: 0.31
    This is a real fun track!
  17. neil rosson
    neil rosson
    Version: 0.31
    Absolutely love the track, really one of the best fantasy tracks out there & even in comparison to most real tracks its up there wit the best. Only thing i'm not keen on is the lavender kerbs & run off. for me it is too over designed & i just really detest that colour i would even prefer pink & that is saying something. I really hope one day there is poppies, bluebells or tulips growing instead.:-p
  18. g25driver
    Version: 0.31
    All the affort on this work can be felt on every turn and straight of the track. Love the enviroment as well. Good job!
  19. lsd67
    Version: 0.31
    grazie ;)
  20. venami
    Version: 0.31
    What an awesome track.
    It's fun to drive and the optical atmosphere is awesome.
    Especially that stadium section got some interesting corners.
    There's only one problem: Once I get off track, my lap stops counting until I pass the same place again.
    All in all, 5 stars.