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Circuit du Laquais

Circuit du Laquais 0.85

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Countless hours have been poured into this track, please rate and tip if you like it... Even smallest amount can show appreciation for our effort :thumbsup:

No Commercial Use, No re-upload anywhere else Thanks.
Just share the link to this page. :thumbsup:

0.8 version changes the name of the track and the folder to avoid conflict with other mod of the same track, so you need to remove previous version if you have one!

Circuit du Laquais is a 3100m, 10-12m wide racetrack located in the French Alps in Champier near the city of Lyon & Grenoble.


The track is very busy all year long for fun race, school driving, track days and event. I added a Race layout with 12 pit boxes in which you can personalize your team names !
A 24 pit boxes layout is now available too.
It is ideal to race some Mini GP, any Lotus cars, GT4, the Tatuus, or all the tourism car like Ferrari, AMG and Lambo's...

The track is almost feature complete :
- 3 Layouts (Track days and Race)
- 24 & 12 pit boxes layouts
- High density physical mesh
- Rain FX
- Grass FX
- Night lighting
- AI line
- Replay Cam

It is as accurate as I could do with my ressources (no laser scan) but you can see this video comparison to judge for yourself, it's quite accurate.

Right now the track is 0.7, I will improve it and add 2021 new buildings and scenery later.
Enjoy and please consider donating if you don't want all quality mods going the patreon way.








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Latest updates

  1. 0.85 is out. Some minor changes.

    Here is the change log - Improved curbs textures - Fixed some curbs geometry that would...
  2. 0.8 release

    At first I just wanted to quickly address minor easy fix but went on to also add a 24 pits...

Latest reviews

Merci beaucoups pour ce petit tracé technique bien connu des Rhonalpins :-)
Très beau circuit, enfin une piste vivante car en réalité les pistes sont rarement des billards..., mon préféré avec Croft sur ce point.
Cinqs étoiles dès que j'aurais résolu mes problèmes d'IA qui quittent la piste dans le dernier tour avec certains mods.
Beautiful. You have done very well. I like to race on unfamiliar tracks around the world.
I am Spanish and I had never heard of this circuit. That's why I like to race on them and for me, it will be one of the most important. Not everything has to be F1 circuits!
Thank you very much for your contribution. I give you top marks.
Excellent. Je suis dans le 73 et ça donne bien envie de lui rendre visite. Y a-t-il d'autres tracés que le principal ? Merci encore !
Great technical track. A lot of fun with Cupra Leon!
Love the update, even better than before!
Just wow and thank you for sharing.
An excellent track and very well made. Great job.
circuit bien technique, merci je ne le connaissais pas ;-)
Thank you for the beautiful track
Super bien foutu bravo !!
I have a new preferred track for clubsport / smallsports cars: Circuit du Laquais: brillant graphice, physics and driving. Easy to learn, fluiding. Thank you for this gem!
Very nice track, it's got a great 'club' feel, which is something I love! Really good in TCs both modern and vintage. Great work
Très réussi visuellement et quel pied de piloter sur cette piste.
Superbe boulot, absolument fabuleux !!!
Félicitations et merci de partager ce tracé ;)
Excellent! petite course en porsche cayman , un super moment ! Plus adapter aux GT4 qu'aux GT3 je pense !je vois pas trop ce qu'il reste à améliorer pour passer en version 1.0 ? AI un peu faible peut-être ?en tout cas super boulot mon gars !!! GRAND merci
Hey mate. I did a hotlap putting a touring car to limit with your track. Loved the job. Did this video and channel to show this content on action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7JhJK8VSlE&ab_channel=AllCarsAllTracks
Awesome track, suits a wide variety of cars. Heaps of fun to drive and would highly recommend!
https://youtu.be/LBk87fy5BhQ (Formula Hybrid lap)
Fantastic, love it. Only query, are the ripple strips textured with ripples that should vibrate through the wheel? They make similar sound, but I don't get the vibration through my DD wheel like curbs/ripple strips on KS Zandvoort track.
loviing it!!! wonderful small track, thank you!
My home track thank you so much.
De rien ;-)
File size
152 MB
First release
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User rating
4.93 star(s) 46 ratings

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