You want to win Ps4+Driveclub?

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    This is good day for you since you might join our team who is 2nd in the standings and with sight of the leader, and the winner gets PS4 and DRIVECLUB original copy of the game of Mercedes-Benz!

    The game is about answering challenges and working in a group. We have one on facebook and we are working for the good of the team, team with one leader.
    The game gives you quests which you need to accomplish in order to win trophies. The team with most trophies wins!

    One of them in the moment is about having people from countries that host F1 races and we need 5. Although we already have 3 of that kind, we accept now from.
    Singapore, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, Russia, Italia Spain or from South America countries. If there is anyone from here please write! You have my facebook account in the tab!

    CHEERS and lets win this! My goal can become your goal, if you join!
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