XPack update batch file!

R Soul

Apr 19, 2009
If you're working on your own XPack, and it's in use by one of your tracks, updating the XPack can be a bit of a pain. After clicking on Zip to BTB, you have to go to the XPacks folder and copy the file into your project's XPacks folder.

Therefore I wrote a batch file to make that process a bit simpler, and it makes use of variables and command line parameters so that you can quickly have it use another XPack and another project.

The file is attached to this post, zipped up because .bat wasn't allowed.

There is a readme, but it's quite simple to set up. Here is a copy of the readme:

This batch file allows you to quickly copy an updated XPack into a BTB project folder. This is useful when the XPack is currently in use by your project, so you cannot simply reload it.

Extract the .bat file to anywhere you want. It can be put out of the way because you won't be running it directly.
Open it and find the line "set btbfolder". Change the path to your own BTB installation folder.

If there are any spaces in the path, you should surround the whole path with double quote marks.

Save the file.

Make a shortcut to the batch file.
Right click on the shortcut and if necessary, select the 'Shortctut' tab.
The 'Target' will currently be the path to the batch file. To the end of the line, add a space, followed by your project name, another space, and then your XPack name, e.g.:

"C:\programs\BobsTrackBuilder\My Projects\updateXPack.bat" PendleHill4 RSTrees
(PendleHill4 = project name, RSTrees = XPack name)

If there are any spaces in the project or XPack names, those names should be surrounded with double quotes, e.g.
"C:\programs\BobsTrackBuilder\My Projects\updateXPack.bat" "Long Track" "My Lovely XPack"