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xbox 360 racing wheel no force feedback

Yuri Braham

Oct 18, 2008

I lended a xbox 360 racingwheel with the wireless connection device.
Every driver installed and my pc works with the device.
at the moment i launch gtr evo. and configure the controls i don't see the racingwheel. it works with no force feedback, and steers very heavy.
is there someone with a sollution for this.

with kind regards,

Yuri Braham

Oct 18, 2008
I noticed it.
Microsoft says: its designed for the xbox360. So we give only support for the xbox. (got a point here!)
But they sell the wireless device for your pc, so that you can connect te wheel or gamepad.
i still got my 5 year old Thrustmaster forced feed back racingwheel. And it works fine. Only no vibrations anymore. This due windows 64x or its getting old.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Throw that piece of junk away and get a good wheel when you play on PC :) Might be suitable for xbox 360 but rather play with keyboard then with a MS-wheel.
Its a disgrace that such a big company can't produce a decent affordable wheel for simracers.

You can make the MS wheel vibrate one time with a very old trick of Mario!


Yuri Braham

Oct 18, 2008

as you can read on top of this post. I lended the steeringwheel.
So i am glad it isn't mine. I just wanted to test if my old forced feedback racing wheel isn't kaput!
At the moment i am looking for a new one.
not a G25 because i just have bought a AM3 platform.

Just a curious question. De people that drive in the first positions. Are they using a racingwheel??

Marc Harris

Feb 22, 2009
yeah,but ...

i use the 360 wheel for rfactor too, not because im too cheap to buy a G25, just i dont want to have to keep switching wheels/pedals on my cockpit - which is use with both 360 and PC.

of course, thats why ive ordered the fanatec porsche wheel (360), so hopefully
i can have the best of both worlds :) ... well when they finally deliver!

oh... on the topic, ive read somewhere MS just dont support feedback for the wireless gaming device (PC) ... very poor show that!

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