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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jason Dewhurst, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Jason Dewhurst

    Jason Dewhurst

    Has anyone managed to get this in junction with xbox controller?

    Is it worth all the hassle instead of microsoft drivers?

    Currently using leons guide but it doesnt really cover it in full detail.
  2. Aaron DeMarre

    Aaron DeMarre

    Yes, I used to use it all the time. If you want the triggers on separate axes, it is a must since the MS drivers do not let you separate them. If you do not need this, it is not worth the hassle. They also only work with a wired controller, not the wireless.

    I am back on the MS drivers, but I have a wheel for sims and use the controller for arcade racers designed for controllers.

    Post the guide you are using and what you are having issues with and I will see if I can fill in the blanks.
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