X6 simulator 6DOF available at Ninesport !!!

Hi all !

I've the pleasure to introduce Ninesport society.

This society selling high-end simulators, for serious demanding customers.

They started with golf simulator, and now just start with motorsport.

With its combination of Fluidic Muscles and mechatronic systems, makes it possible to generate a wide range of driving and flight simulations.
A hexapod structure based on parallel movements, with six Festo Fluidic Muscles, give rise to a realistic driving and smoothing sensation.

Through this product, Ninesport is providing an exciting, cost-effective alternative to complicated hydraulic constructions.

It work with GTR, GTR-2, GTR-evo, LFS, RBR, GTL

It's really easy to setup your own configurations, because all games got there own profiles.

I've tested many simulators, but the fluidic muscle simulator is upside all with is 6DOF.

You got a real feeling of tyres, it's so awesome that you can feel the sidewall height deformation with good simulators softwares.

Check the website : http://www.ninesport.fr/

For more informations : info@ninesport.fr

or myself at antoine@ninesport.fr

Looks really nice and I want one but I reckon it would struggle to throw a Fat Bustard like me around :redface:, what is the maximum weight something like this can cope with?

Hum, carefull Eyghon, loose the donuts in your hand, because I don't want to be responsible of a strangulation !

The price is 40 000 €, due to Festo muscles and hardware. Understand that you can find the same kind of simulator for 100 000 €

Thanks for your feedbacks and interests.
Well its definitely on my list when i win the lottery,just 3 things caught my eye in the vids,
1- the 2 steel posts either side look like they could catch your elbows
2- there is nowhere to fix a manual shift and if you could u would definately hit your arms ,elbows off the posts
3- having a projector static screen doesn't seem right,example would be if u are driving up a hill
the seat would tilt to correspond with this which means you are looking at the top of the screen
would it not be better if the screen is part of the unit so your eyes are always focused on the center of the screen
this would mean using a lcd attached just in front of the wheel.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
I would turn cockpit camera meovement down and use TrackIr to capture my heads movements in the chair and change the screen view accordingly.
Nice ideas, we have already thought about this issues.

Don't worry about elbows catching, never happen for me, even when I drove RBR with à 34cm wheel.

Ninesport have is own Study departement, and can bring a full customised simulator.

We work with professional cad software, and have is own industrial designerr.

It's possible to get all you want just ask !

It's possible to get toob or video glasses with track ir for more immersion.

We can put Frex, SWA wheel and Shark products. Check them, their hardware are awesome too !!!

I understand you need to see how it could be, I will do the maximum.

Feel free to contact me at antoine@ninesport.fr
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