PC1 With permission some dev notes on FFB.


"As promised, work has begun on the UI update with two new additions relating to Force Feedback.

The first is a set of new sliders accessed by a new Force Feedback Calibration button on the Controls menu that has things like Per Wheel Movement Damping, Deadzone Falloff, and Scoop Reduction amongst others (don't worry, these will be labelled a bit more user-friendly no doubt!).

The second is a new set of sliders on the Tuning Setup screen allowing various powerful parameters such as Spindle Scaling/Smoothing and Gut Stiffness to be changed on a car-by-car basis.

These have now been passed to the code team for implementation (until such time they are disabled in the menus)."

This is some MAJOR good news IMHO (if I understand correct I will be able to save different FFB profiles for each car ?)