Which SSD to buy?

Ryan Callan

Sep 30, 2008
My friend is looking to purchase a SSD drive and I'm looking to pick your brains! :D

He wants to spend around £150-170, and it must be a minimum of 64GB. Which do you recommend? Any help appreciated! :)
Feb 19, 2007
I don't know which one is the best
all i know is Marcel keep saying that intel version right now is the best :)
but I might be wrong saying that :wink:
Aug 26, 2008
Intel one is the best yes, but it's not in his price range. the Falcon offers the best bang for buck if you can't push for the Intel.

If only they was cheaper.

Marcel Hulsbergen

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Dec 29, 2006
The Intel Postville 80GB is still the best and in Holland it is in the price range, I bought one for 192 euro's a few months ago.


Eric. K

Sep 10, 2008
Best investment you can make for your PC. Windows 7 boots in seconds and everything is lighting fast...

Gary Lennon

Feb 19, 2008
A sure fire way for them to drop in price by about half within 2 months....is if i go buy one...this theory has worked for every other bit of frickin hardware ive ever bought!...:p

Abdul Al-Amry

2011 RD Indy 500 Winner
Jul 15, 2008
So lets say I buy one of em 80gb ones, the best way to go about it will be just to use for the OS...right?

Any conflicts with games installed in a different hard drive?
Aug 26, 2008
Partition the 80gb SSD to 40/40 or something and use one half for OS other half for your games. If you got a SSD you don't wanna be using ya HDD for ya games.

Marcel Hulsbergen

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Dec 29, 2006
I partitioned mine 60/20. Be aware you need to keep a free space on the partition, in my opinion keep 10GB free always as this is needed for TRIM and other optimisation.

Why I took 60/20?

On de 60 there is my OS and programs like Office 2010 etc. I also installed iRacing on this partition as I had some space left, loading goes sooo damn fast. In about 3 seconds I am into iRacing.

The other 20 I use for my profile, I moved the users folder to that partition. Many games like Race on etc write data in the Documents folder which is in your profile. With my setup I will never have issues when replay files or other big files are saved during a race. Also when you boot your pc your profile gets loaded, this goes faster when it is on an SSD. It is good to split the users folder apart from the OS, When i need to re image my system I will never lose my Userdata, as this is on my second partition.

Also be aware you need to disable a few services like Superfetch and indexing. There are more, just google on "ssd windows 7 services disable", you will find a lot of tips then.

Some say you can disable the page file too, I think you should set it too 3200, a solid value as some program really need it.

Also flash your drive to the latest firmware, this week Intel released new firmware, it can be found on the Intel website.

Marcel Hulsbergen

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Dec 29, 2006
Yes or the OCZ Vertex 120GB, a bit cheaper and also good, but the Intel is better lol. I think 80GB is enough, you only want to run your OS on it and a few apps, the storage you will do on a normal harddrive.


Sep 14, 2009
I bought a Corsair 64gb SSD for my new Windows 7 system and have been very happy with it - http://www.corsair.com/products/ssd_performance/default.aspx

I use a WD 1TB HDD for my game and the SSD for my O/S and other essential programs as i don't think the SSD boosts game performance, only loading times and they are short anyway on my system. For what i use it for its great and like Eric said the computer boots and switches off supremely quickly!