Which racing wheel?

Ok, iv been looking around for a new wheel.
Can anybody reccomend one, I know the best wheels you can buy are probably the g25/g27 but they are slightly out of my price range.
I'm looking to spend around £100/£120.
Anyone have any personal experiance with the F430 wheel?
I'm looking for the highest rated setup below the g25, or as close as?
Good feel, good wheel grip ect
Any help is appreciated.

Cheers :)
Well i managed to find a G25 on eBay that had been hardly used for £110 so i snapped it up quick!
The only issue i think was mentioned was that it had no box and the power lead was an American plug so needed an adaptor.

Does anyone with a G25 know if its just a 2 pin figure 8 lead or other type?

Anyway search over :)

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
its one of the barrel type ones. quite wide in diameter at the wheel end. That runs to the transformer where you can plug in any 2pin figure 8 leads, the sort you get for small kettles and midi stereo systems.
Nice one Dave, il be able to pick up a 2pin from Maplin's then i reckon and it should be ok.
Should be alot better than using the Logitech Driving Force EX :banana:
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