where did the discounts go?

Maybe I mis-read but, I was going to pickup a couple new tracks/cars AFTER purchasing ADAC masters(already have r3e & DMT). Going to the store now, I see duplicate cars now selling to me for 499vrp not the discounted price I expected. Cars I don't have, 499vrp. Tracks I never heard of, 499 or more vrp. I keep reading about the discounts in the email of others, me, 499vrp. I don't mind really, but come on.Why not bracket your stuff so if someone has 70% of the content available, how bout a little love for the rest no? maybe a little off retail. After say, 80%. why not give a huge discount for the rest to entice people like me to have it ALL. No way I'm buying duplicate stuff and tracks i don't know for full price. I don't begrudge any one a profit, but how much would you pay for yesterdays newspaper? Just saying. All in all tho, I love r3e and don't regret buying lifetime sub, it just keeps getting better. I just want to be able to get the new content at reasonable prices.