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Where can I check my position in the leaderboard after SRO Hotstint?

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Hi everyone,

I did a few hotstint sessions in Spa. I am registered as Silver and the stints were valid. But I have no idea where to find my position in the leaderboard. Somebody could help?


a) Go into the game, into the special events menu, and select the Spa event. Before you click on Start Event it'll show you your position.

b) Go to the website you registered on and go to Leaderboards and scroll down. https://sro-esport.com/leaderboard/
Thanks for your reply! Something might be wrong then :( I only see the top 10 in the event, but not my position. And I don't appear on the website either.

I just got the game and my rating is only "Bronze". Does it maybe have something to do with that?
No, I don't think the Bronze rating should matter.
If you're registered and clicked the link in the email, then you should be good to go.
Do the 10 minute stint and exit, and it should be there.
Do other events work fine?
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