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Wheel Issues


I am with AC having a hard time keeping the wheel active in this Group C mod?
Everytime I go to the pits/start line/etc. my FFB/wheel connection drops out and it is a PAIN!

So it is the same as online or offline. I am installed the FFBMod, but it was doing the same before I installed this.

It seems to be the startup in AC where the wheel goes all the way left and right, maybe it hits the stops and closes out the FFB signal?

Right now I’m running the Group C mod, Logitech Momo wheel, I tried having it set to where the game cannot alter the settings, but I seem to lose all FFB signals then. The wheel works in rF2 & rF1. At other tracks in AC without Group C mod, it appears to be the same. This has always happened in AC, I have to unplug/plug the unit in, but now it just seems something has happened and it just messes up all the time.

If I unplug/plug on the track, I lose all FFB.