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Wheel feeling changed after patch

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Matt Shewmake, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Matt Shewmake

    Matt Shewmake

    Hi all and thanks for your time. My question is this. I have been one of the many who have had some serious problems with the way the wheel feeling has changed since patch v1.1. Input also seems to have much more lag and also the FFB and handling is entirely different. I myself have tried to copy the entire directory to a different place on my hard drive and then when I install the new patched version in it's place I copied files ( guessing of course ) one by one and would launch the game to see if I could get all these things changed since patch back to how it was.
    I know that the game most likely wouldn't work online in this condition but that is not my concern. Instead let me explain what I am trying to achieve here.
    I am simply trying to keep everything post patch except these things mentioned above just for career. I love playing career but there are 2 problems that currently exist.
    1 - Pre patch the driving,FFB, handling was amazing but frame rates were bad for me as I am using a GTX260 (DX9 only) and could only get smooth FPS on medium low settings. The new patch fixed my FPS as I could then run on Ultra and in benchmark I could get a average of 59.8FPS with v-sync on (DX9 still obviously so I was not running into the same issues you were in DX11)

    2- Post Patch again game performed OUTSTANDING on ULTRA and all the little bugs for me (in DX9 at least ) were fixed such as pit bug and all other problems. I am assuming the people who are still having the MAJORITY of problems are most likely running DX11. The FFB and other items mentioned earlier are all now junk feeling and I don't want to play like this.

    Is there a way that a experienced modder could give a tutorial on how to mix the two benefits from each version ( Post/Pre patch ) into one game. Again I would not expect anything except the single player to work and I would be ok with that. I just want my FPS and my wheel feel ( I want my cake and eat it too) I pray for the love of god this is possible. Keep in mind I am using the DX9 as the GTX260 does not support DX11.

    Oh and by the way all the problems you guys are having with rain and water on track and all of those things I am not having at all in DX9 so I am pretty sure they are all related to the use of DX11.

    Thanks in advance for any help on this.
    (Codemasters if you read this please respond. I know this isn't your kind of idea for a fix but it would get me by until final patch)
  2. JohnnySlowhand


    I have GTS 250 (1GB), which is dx10 gpu, and I have water on track problems AFTER patch, so it's not only dx11 problem...
  3. BlazingRiCO


    I have a GTX460 Hawk 1GB (DX11 card) and my FPS is 25 or lower -.-' I want decent performance for this game for once ! I wouldnt care if GRID or Dirt 2 had bad performance, but I really DO care about F1 2010 :S UGH!
  4. R34P3R


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