What wheel is better in your opinion???

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    The Thrustmaster TS500 (whatever the name is) or the Fanatec Wheel Base V1 with wheel shifter and pedals? I have a guy I can buy the Fanatec set from for $500 and the Thrustmaster is at the local store for $600. Which is the better buy? I'm looking for realistic feel and FFB. Please let me know your opinions. Thanks guys and gals...
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    I think you could get the T500 cheaper. In Europe they sell the package for roughly 400$ incl. Tax.
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    I've never used the CSWv1 but have used the T500 and Fanatec's lesser Porsche GT2 wheel (which has a similar belt mechanism)

    In a word: Different. Each wheel offers a set of compromises, so you make a choice on that basis.

    What I understand from reading a lot about it is:
    - CSWv1 is smoother (different belt systems: Thrustmaster uses a toothed belt so it won't slip but it's less smooth)
    - Wheel resistance is hard to quantify without feeling them. I get the impression that if anything the T500 feels slightly more direct and freer to rotate but can't verify this
    - T500 has a considerably more powerful motor than the dual CSWv1 motors, and is known to be very robust. CSWv1 first batch has had a well documented history of motor problems, later batches were stable but the motors are still being worked hard and exhibit quite a lot of fade as they heat up.
    - By default T500 has fixed shifter paddles. Love them or hate them (I think they are fine). CSWv1 offers optional fixed paddles. Both have the ability to purchase rims with paddles which rotate with the rim.
    - CSWv1 looks way nicer than the plastic Thrustmaster
    - Desk mounting costs extra on the CSWv1 (should you need that)
    - CSWv1 has a much more impressive rim quick release system. Thrustmaster involves unscrewing a plastic ring which takes around 30 seconds compared to a click ring on the Fanatec
    - CSWv1 has a huge rim selection and you can have leather or alcantara, but they are not cheap. Thrustmaster has 3 rubber coated rims as options (perfectly functional but less "nice")
    - Both allow you to run after-market wheel rims, however the CSWv1 universal hub allows full button capability with after-market wheel rims. Thrustmaster relies on the DSD adapter which gives you a rim without buttons (however the big fixed shifters on the T500 are useable)
    - I'm assuming your potential Fanatec set comes with Fanatec Clubsport Pedals (v1 or v2, or it could alternatively be the CSR or CSR elites). Those pedals are regarded by most as a step up from the T500 pedals due to the longer throw, load cell and configurability. I have clubsport v1 pedals and actually prefer my T500 pedals, but that's just because I'm strange and don't actually like using a load cell.
    - CSWv1 supports PC and PS3. T500 also works in game on the PS4.

    I basically looked at the same choice you now have back in December 2013. For me the PS4 support was a big thing, as was optimal use for GT6. And the general question mark over the quality of those CSWv1 motors was also important in my choice to go for the T500.

    NB: I would recommend the T300 and T3PA pedal set as an alternative to the T500. You get slightly less power but a lot less turning resistance and less notchiness. Same direction of improvement as the CSWv1 to CSWv2, although with a few more compromises and much cheaper.
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