What improvements will be made in rFactor 2?

I'm kinda curious if the transition from rf1 to rf2 would be helpful to the community of simracing. I mean, the simracing community will most definitely be split in half because of the two version of rfactor, not to mention all the other simracing games out there.

Is there a site with information about rf2? Or some sneak peaks of some sort..


First thing that springs to mind is weather... there is definitely rain as standard and maybe changeable/active like in the simbin sims.

Bram Hengeveld

Yes thats a feature they have announced in the early stages of the development. But so far i haven't seen it in action. @ISI: if you are reading, we would love to see it in action :)

David Garcia

Yeah, clouds should affect the track temp wich is really important. I guess we all are waiting to rF2... and my question is, what the other devolopers are doing in resopect to rF2?

As an example STC is running GTR Evo, but if rF2 comes with all that superb features we will sweep to it fast... will there be other options in that standars rF2 is supposed to be? GTR3 maybe?

What do you think guys?
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