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DiRT Rally what do numbers mean at bottom of screen 1? 2? 3? 4? etc?

I am refering to the numbers at the bottom of the any screen that you must activate to get any thing to happen. A 2 with circle ,a 3 with a circle sometimes nothing happens. sometimes there is a 4 there. BTw nothing happens if i press buttons on the steering wheel.

Warren Dawes

This is driving me nuts as well.
I'd like to watch the replay after a run, but can't figure out how to access the replay.
The numbers at the bottom of the screen tell me it is Button 1, but don't have a Button 1 in use. (I've tested by trying to see which Controller button might be Button 1 but if I try to assign an action in the settings, I can try every available button and none are Button 1).
The numbers at the bottom also show Button 2 for continue (which I have found to be keyboard "enter") and Button 3 for back (which is keyboard "esc").
So, maybe button 1 is a keyboard press but which one??

Anyone know the code?

EDIT: I think I found the "Replay" key. Looks like it is F1 on the keyboard.
Most of the controller buttons shown on the bottom of the screen don't seem to be recognised. At least DR2 seems to have sorted these weird assignments.
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