Ward-SL Confirmed for 2012 World Championship

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    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (CP) March 24, 2012 -- Silverline Racing has agreed to terms on a constructor's partnership with Andrew Ward for FSR's 2012 season in the World Championship Division.

    Blair Disley, who drove for Silverline last year was on hand in front of a home crowd to unveil Ward-Silverline's WF102 at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne, Australia, confirming that he will once again be back on the grid for the outfit in 2012.

    Disley will be paired with Karim Wezenberg this year who will be looking to make a big splash in the World Championship division. Wezenberg has some WC races under his belt but has had most of his recent success and experience in the World Series division.

    The dynamic of having a veteran team up with a rising driver seems like the perfect fit for both Ward and Silverline since both have been known for creating a strong team atmosphere that sets their team up for sucess and encourages drivers to rise through their internal ranks.

    Selected press and media were invited to the launch and given brief moments to ask questions with the owners/investors, engineers and drivers. Although press were able to take statements, all folks in attendence signed binding contracts that hold them to silence until Ward-Silverline have completed their launch campaign.

    Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

    (Photo: Blair Disley firing up the WF102 for the first time for fans in Melbourne)
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    Good luck for the season guys! Go Dizzo Go!