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wanting to start getting into some long endurance racing

Hey gents,

so yes I am new to sim racing but not racing, I have had my full rig setup for a month now and feel comfortable and feel like I am getting consistent and able to average 2:12 around Bathurst. I need to start working on increasing my license level in iracing but want to know what the best route is to get involved in a team 12 or 4 hour race. I know it is a long road to get there but want to make sure I am going down the right path and not just wasting time on a sim

elloLeo Kinnunen

Pin Head Racing
Post in the iracing forums I think. There's always teams looking for a last minute replacement driver in the week or two before any big race but as you might guess they'll be looking for a good licence level and safety rating. It's not that long a road to get there. Are you out of rookies yet?