All the gear, no idea...
If I could only have one sim...this would be it. The FFB/Physics are THE best out there at the moment imho, the feeling of connection to the car and the cars connection to the road is so alive.
As good as the game was in its 2013 incarnation when this review was made doesn't come close to what its become since the release of v1.21 and the inclusion of the AMAZING formula vee.

Pls help. I agree with these, and I think it's just my FFB settings that's holding it back. Where can I find good FFB settings for different mods I have, or how to improve them? If I simply rely on the included realfeal.ini in the mods, they're too light. Are these realfeel.ini files sufficient? I already have it set to Full and Negative FFB but some, like Formula Extreme are too light (G27 - Profiler FFB at 101). Read somewhere that setting FFB to High is not recommended. Thanks.
Remember, the FFB depends on the mod, not the game. It is calculated with the steering rack of the car, so depending on who did the mod and how much effort they put in, the FFB would be really good.
I understand. But how about for the stock ones, like Formula Extreme or V12? How could I optimize them? And for mods, are the FFB's simply setup in the realfeel.ini, or elsewhere that I can modify and try out? Thanks.


only thing with gcse, is the performance issues I get with whats known as an older engine.. Especially with the Vees, 18 of these on a grid and im down to sub 40 fps. I can run RRe full whack at a good 60, even rf2 around that.

But in gsc the replays and when dust or somethings being kicked up its not that well optimised imo.. I think I was viewing a replay with all cars in view track cam and it dropped to 19!!

That's bad.
@Lou Sytsma, wheel's a G27 as I mentioned above, w/
Profiler at 101%, 0, 100, 50. Set angle to 450 deg for GT, and 270 deg for F1.
In-Game GSCE: FFB to Wheel, High, -100%.
With these settings, driving the V12 or VExtreme feels quite light, and dampen only when turning, so maybe something is missing in my setup? It's not the case with AC.

But like @Kevin Pheiffer said, there's a lot of factors. So maybe its better to ask, how to set it up, where to perform them, and/or what files are involved (is realfeel.ini one of them or the only one)? Where can I get info of the values in realfeel.ini? etc. Thanks.