Want to build a DIY button box, but...

Want to build a DIY button box, but not sure how many controls I'd need or what kind of controls. I want to be able to use it for every sim I use, AC, PC2, Dirt Rally, Iracing, F1 games, etc. I saw this video by "amstudio" on youtube on how to make one, but first I'd like to plan it out before I start actually making it. Any suggestions?
The game with the most options will define the amount of buttons/encoders you will need.
From this point you can go and decide if you need it or not. Always remember the capability of the controller you are going to use.


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That game would be.... iRacing ?

I've been considering starting with this. Granted I don't know if iRacing and other sim racing titles will support anything past the first 32 switches, but it's not much more expensive than the 32 switch version and I can use servo wires and servo connectors to this board.

If you wanted to stick wires in holes the 32 pin board might appeal to you.

This 32 pin board looks good too and also would take servo style plugs.

I'd use wire like this and crimp my own connectors.

You might want to buy pre-wired 2 pin JST plugs to make things easier.
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