WIP W.I.P. Groeninghepark

Tom Van Put


A fantasy track that I have created, still a lot of work to do
Made everything with BTB and sketchup
First track I ever made, so learning everything on the job :)


Looking more promising by the minute. :cool: Is it based on a real location in d'n Bels (België) or Holland?

Tom Van Put

In my mind it is a real location in the Belgian forests :) No, it's completely fictional ;-)
But the idea behind the track is that it is a circuit build around 1960 but was in decay since the early 1990's. But now that the organisation has found some money they have updated and modernized the track. That's why in some parts you see sandtraps in corners and a modern "Paul Ricard-look" in others. There is also a club circuit, which results in 4 possible lay-outs: Gran Touring, Club, 1st part of GT + club, 1st corner of club + 2nd part of GT.
But first I'm going to try to finish the GT-Track ;-)

Tom Van Put

A few months ago I released this track. But now, I want to make some improvements. The problem is that I have reached my limits.

some issues or things I want to ad:

- I want to ad night lighting, but I can't get the lights to work properly. They only cast a very weak light.
- 2nd thing I want is rain reflections, I have looked at some tutorials but this looks difficult to me. And I want to have it right!
- When I select time trail, the car falls in the middle of the track map, behind the pit building. I can't figure out how to solve this problem.
- The start lights and timing don't start at the same time. If you follow the start lights you get black flagged.
- Finish the club configuration
- Improve AI for the GT configuration and create one for the club track

The track has been completely build with BTB and I created my own X-Pack.

Is there anyone here that is willing to help me create a completely finished track? You need to have experience with 3dSimED, because I haven't really used this program (I do own it). And you need this for the rain reflections.

If you really want to help and you can convince me of your skills, I 'm willing to share my complete BTB folder of the track so we can make improvements and finish the track.

Maybe this is a strange request/question, but I really like to finish this project. And I'd like it to be great! :)

You can download the GTR2 version of the track here. I also want to release the track for rFactor and GTR evo.

Below are some pictures of the track made by Racingleague.nl. They have organized a test race on the track and really liked the look and lay-out. There is also a youtube video I found, didn't make it myself :)



Ralf Ääro

Wow, this looks extremly good!
It makes me wanna put all my work into the trash :D

Well, the textures are phantastic. The trees and objects are beautiful. And i really like the side of the road. Placing of curbs and little sandtraps are looking so natural.

How long have you worked on this?
Beautiful Masterpiece!
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