F1 2020 VRS DirectForce Pro - How to use with F1 2020?!

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)
I've checked this forum and don't see any threads talking about this, so I'll create one.

I've followed the guide at VRS website which requires a firmware flash and that an XML file be placed in F1 directory. The XML allows the wheel rotation to be detected, however, the force feedback does not appear to be working.

I've reached out to VRS for support, and I am curious if anyone here has advice for setting up the motor with the game.
There are a couple commands missing from the XML file, I found out by going to the VRS Discord and searching through the Hardware sesction. Adding these commands...

type="wheel" official="false"

...within the <Device typid=....> string worked for me to enable FFB :barefoot: