VRC IndyCar 2012 Lotus Dragon (Kimi&Bourdais)

Skins VRC IndyCar 2012 Lotus Dragon (Kimi&Bourdais) 1.1

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Mar 13, 2015
Chiwi submitted a new resource:

VRC IndyCar 2012 Lotus Dragon (Kimi&Bourdais) - IndyCar Lotus Dragon Racing skins (Raikkonen and Bourdais) for Oval and Road

Two skins (for oval and road) based on Dragon Racing 2012 livery [both include helmet, suit, gloves etc...].
The skins are for the VRC Formula NA 2012 mod.

Kimi Raikkonen oval: View attachment 278612
Sebastien Bourdais oval:

View attachment 278611

Kimi Raikkonen road:
View attachment 278610
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