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VR Performance help

Hey guys, I'm trying to get my head around why my VR performance is so poor. My rig is as follows:

RTX 3080
Running the CSP (latest for SRP)

I'm getting 275fps (!) when I just play on my monitor (1440p UW) but it drops down to 50fps when I'm in VR mode. I'm using an HP Reverb G2.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it just how it is with AC?
Have you tried Andrew_WOT's VR guide? I'm on an i7-9700, RTX2080, 32gb ram and with very high settings can maintain 90fps in my Vive Pro with grids up to the mid 20's. I run 120% SS, I know with the G2 some have found better results with running low SS though as the res is quite a bit higher. Oh should add I'm running CSP 0.1.73 but only Sol 1.5.7 with 2d clouds.

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I run a g2 with a 2070super and I get a steady 45ps, so your 3080 should be able to get a decent 60-70 with the right settings.
You might want to look at your driver version first for your video card. I still have 457.30 going as it's given me the best in terms of consistent VR performance. The later drivers seem to be geared more towards the 30 series cards so you may get better performance from the latest drivers there.
I would look at your steam super sammpling to start with and make sure it's at 100% (i also have a quest2 and have to play around with the SS settings all the time depending on the headset) I would look at a few settings in Content manager ( if you have it, if you don't get it the free version is good the paid one is better) and look first at the smoke settings and if it's not on low drop it back to that, then move to the shadows and put that to 256x256 to start with, then do the same with the reflectons and set to either 3 faces per frame or static ( you can bump them up higher later once you get your desried frame rate, or an acceptable one.) turn off the anistropic fitering in the game and use the one in Nvidia control panel, it does a better job to frank. Set your mirrors resolution to 256x1024 and high quality. In custom shader settings turn off the extraFX settings, they don't do anything in VR (as yet)
If you're running SOL2 with this as well as CSP you may need to pull back a few settings ther too, specifically the cloud distance multiplyer, quality and frames used ( ignerally have them at 80% 60% and 5frames)
If you are running any PostProccessing I'd run natural mod as it's really well optimised for use in VR.

I'd also recommend Andrew_Wot's guide too but what I've put here should help give you a baseline to tweak. Hope it helps.


For a clean baseline I suggest to try CSP 1.68/SOL 2.02 before moving to new alpha releases of both. Performance on those still needs some work.
I also have a Reverb G2 and was getting low performance in AC. I have a 5900X and 9600XT, so was mystified.
Until I found this link:

Turns out windows noticed that I had a high number of crashes, and it turned on Fault Tolerant Heap. This is visible in your registry, and can easily be reverted. This fixed my performance issue--I get 90fps steady with nearly max settings (often I run with Post Processing off).

I found this was the cause by building a fresh windows install, and saw 90fps. Then I went back to my original hard drive, but deleted content manager and its config files. When CM is installed fresh, it actually detects this issue (way to go, guys!!), and provides an automatic way to edit the registry for you.

I'm now a very happy customer with AC and 9600XT, 100% resolution (3120x3120)--beautiful!
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