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VR Oculus Quest + Link



I'm new to the VR Stuff,.. i have the opportunity to get a Oculus Quest for a good price. I'm not planing to play simracing mainly, but was anyone trying to play ACC with the Oculus Quest + Link? Any recommended settings/advices for my hardware so its somehow playable?

- 5700 XT Red Devil
- Ryzen 7 3700X
- 32 GB DDR4 Ram

thanks for your help!
I have similar hardware to you, Ryzen 3700X and a 2070S, I also have a Quest and a Rift S. There are some posts on the official forums with settings that will help you but I have to say that I've moved back to the monitor for this game. I did cope in VR with it for a good while but it wasn't the performance that put a nail in the VR coffin for this game, it was the blurriness. At times the game is incredible in VR, moving from dusk to night, but it's just so difficult to set-up, I found myself fiddling with settings more than driving.

Also, the Quest is very uncomfortable. If you're only interesting in sim racing then I suggest a Rift S in the same price bracket (but check your IPD first).