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VR, camera 1000 feet above at the start on some tracks since csp 1.74

This happens on csp 1.74 and 1.75.
On some tracks only, like for exemple Nordschleife.
I set a race (offline) on CM and when the VR scene shows up, I'm in the sky, like 1000 feet above the floor.
I cycle cameras, even using the F# buttons, but never manage to land inside the car, I'm always in the sky and can't start the race (the menu is not visible)

On some other tracks, like in longford67 it start normally but after I drive about 100 meters, the camera starts to lift and I'm again in the sky.

I can make this thing disappear by returning to csp 1.73 or if I uncheck the "active" button in the custom shaders patch settings, at "general patch setting".

So far I didn't manage to find what exactly was causing this weird issue.
So I'm looking for someone who have the exact same issue in VR and maye who have found a solution.

Thanks in advance.
As pointed out above, it is Origin Shift causing this issue, but only in combination with having post processing filter turned off. Ideally you want PP on but some have it off to save fps.
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