Virtual Ride (.RCD File) Helmet/Icon - Help


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Mar 1, 2016

So I've created a virtual ride using the Tuning tools with a custom name, number and talent etc.

I've even added the 'Classes' and 'Category' lines in the .RCD file to seperate them into their own menu listing.

Swapping the car skin is easy enough, by simply replacing '' file in the respective folder.

What I want to know - is it possible to add a chosen helmet .dds file for that driver to use? If so, is there an additional line I need to add to the .RCD file to read and where do I store the helmet .dds?

Secondly, is there a way to display a custom icon for that driver in the RF2 menu's instead of just the default RF2 logo?

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Nov 20, 2008
Helmet and driver are wildcard materials (at least normally). So if you place a "" and a "" aside of your skin's "" into the skin folder, the game should load those for your skin (it is exactly the same for "", "", and so on).

If you want to have a custom icon for your driver in the menu, you need to put your skin into a MAS file. In that MAS file you can also add your icon as "". Normally this should work, but if the icon is still not loaded, try the name "" instead.

Hope that helps. Otherwise you may want to come over to the official forum and search in the modding threads (you should also find all answers there!).