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US Road Trip Advice

Discussion in 'Car Culture' started by yetisaj, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. yetisaj


    Hey guys and girls. So I am getting married in May and my fiance and I are planning our honey moon which will be a West Coast road trip from Seattle to Los Angeles over 3 weeks. We are getting a train from Seattle to Portland but after that we are road bound.

    Heading from Portland down to SanFrancisco along the coast, then Yosemite, Redwoods, then back to the coast via Bug Sur then all the way down to Los Angeles. Accomodation is already booked and the itinery is pretty much sorted, we just havent booked a car to do it in!

    We need to pick up the car in Portland (anywhere) and Drop off in Los Angeles (airport LAX).

    Looking to hire a Mustang (coupe or convertible). Currently cheapest price I can find is via Alamo, but not had experience of them before. Ratings look good. Before we book I was wondering if any of you U.S based peeps could offer any better advice? Is there a better/cheaper rental company?

    Many Thanks.
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  2. David DeGreef

    David DeGreef
    R3E Racing Club Host US Staff Premium

    Alamo, Hertz, Enterprise, National all are basically the same. Stick to the ones mentioned and you will be fine. Congratulations and have a great time.
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  3. petersmith69


    oh!!! this is a wonderful idea.
    I think there are a lot sources like https://freeaccount.org/free-xbox-live-account/ where you can calculate your GPA and just rent a car and drop it anywhere in the country.
    Hope I am helpful.
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  4. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    Stick with DucMan888' suggestion.
    I've rented from all the companies mentioned. The service is comparable on all levels.
    You'd want the protection as well, just in case you have any car issue.
    They'd have the hassle of taking care of it and also of getting you into another car.
    The last thing you want on a honeymoon is a car problem.
    As to the trip itself...check out Solvang (cool Danish community).
    Do a bit of Monterrey...including the Aquarium if you have time. Rappa's is a good place to eat while there.
    Congrats...and enjoy.
  5. Emery


    The bad news is that the rental agencies are mostly at the Portland airport, about a 30-45 minute light rail ride away from downtown where the train station is. Enterprise, Avis, & Dollar Rental have downtown locations. Alamo is only available at the Portland airport.
  6. yetisaj


    Thanks guys. Booked with Thrifty as they take debit cards for deposit. Alamo were about 10$ cheaper but needed a credit card.... Thrifty seem ok, theyre owned by Hertz so still part of the big boys.

    Emery, yea we noticed that but its ok, we will find our way. Apparently you have to get a shuttle bus from the airport as only some rental companys keep their cars directly at the airport...The most annoying thing is the $250 they charge just for dropping the car in a different location! Can't be avoided unfortunately.

    Terry Rock, will check out the locations and see if theyre along our route.
  7. RearView Racing

    RearView Racing
    Check out My YouTube Channel Premium

    Hearst Castle is well worth the small detour near San Simeon its an amazing piece of architecture. Morro Rock is also very nice especially at sunset. Enjoy!!
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