URD Detroit EGT AI Cars running on wet tyres


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Apr 24, 2014
Hello everyone.

Since the last update of the URD Detroit EGT car came out (V1.5) I'm having an issue with the AI. They always are running on wet weather tyres, no mather what weather is set on track, they just put the wet tyres on the car even if the track is completely dry.

I don't know if any mod could be causing this issue, I just have the SOL mod installed and I didn't have this issue with the V1.4 of the car.

Any thoughts of how can this be solved?



Apr 21, 2009
The game doesnt know yet what is wet tire so its using it on dry track to. We will look at it thought. The wet tire is faked so or so right now only and its basicly slick with rain texture. I will ask if the tire needs to be specific named to fix the issue.


Jan 15, 2015
I just got the car a little while ago and it seems a bit slow compared to Kunos's GTE cars that I have (Porsche 911 RSR and Corvette C7.R). Is that normal or set up related or something I'm missing maybe? I thought maybe it was because it was of the "rain tyres" being on? I don't know...The scoring screen in race shows that I'm on mediums or softs, but replays of my car and the other Detroits appear as wet tyres. I'm new to the car but I don't have any confidence to push it at the moment so I just can't find the speed in it.

Billy Pilgrim

Mar 25, 2014
You can use Content Manager to delete the rain tyres. But you'd be best to back up the car's data file first so that you don't have online mismatches when playing online.